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The Appendix

Explanation Of This Appendix To The Summary

The members of the third Circle were persistent in their idea, that one day the Teaching would start again, and on January 26th 1956 their hopes were realised for the Teaching was resumed, although not in the same form. There was no going away, and no playtime with the Child, for the Child no longer joined in.

     The fourth Circle, or the Discussion Group as we now call it, carried on the Teaching, although when it started we had no idea of the important discoveries that would be made in it. The close of the third Circle marked the end of the time when the members were passive receivers. They were told now that another environment could be found, but if the Teaching was to continue in the present Circle, they must take an active part in its continuance by asking questions. This would stir them to a personal effort, and at the same time stimulate their thoughts.

     These questions were entered into a book in the order in which they were asked, but like all my writings were seldom answered in sequence, the answers coming to me in the same way as the Summary was written.

     Four of the younger generation became interested, and either attended, or had a copy sent to them. There were also four new members, in each case a husband and wife. A great many of the answers clarified the Teaching for these new members, but we found the original conception was added to. Also we obtained important new knowledge. Therefore it was agreed that now the Discussion Meetings should be put aside for a time, whilst I wrote this appendix, for that would bring the Teaching up to date.

March 1961

Levels Of Consciousness

It was April 1950, that we learnt about the Levels of Consciousness; a knowledge that is necessary to a clear conception of the Thought World. They were labelled Levels of Consciousness, but they might have been called Planes or Spheres if these labels had not already been in use.

     Levels of Consciousness exist throughout the Thought World and the earth. They form its boundaries, for each higher Level can only be reached by an increase in knowledge and understanding in the Mind that is to enter it. So that a Level of Consciousness should be associated with the state of progress it is necessary to acquire, in order to enter it.

     In all, there are seven Levels of Consciousness and each, with the exception of the Second, is composed of many Layers. The highest Layer of a Level is only a step below the next Level, and only a little more progress is needed to go from one to the other. Whereas between the lowest Layer of any Level and its highest Layer, there is a long distance to progress.

The First Level Of Consciousness

The First Level of Consciousness is that on which a Conscious Mind exists during its lives on earth. The lowest Layer of this Level is that of man's senses. Progressing to its higher Layers, Conscious Minds become aware of their Journey to the Light, along the Ways of Truth, Beauty and Service, and learn the use of some of the forms of communication with the Thought World.

The Second Level Of Consciousness

The Second Level of Consciousness is the lowest Level in the Thought World. It is the State of Negation in which the Force of Evil exists. It has no Layers, and since each Level of Consciousness must be reached from the Level below, it is the entrance to the Thought World, through which all Conscious Minds must pass after death.

For all Levels must be entered from the Level below, so this Level is the entrance to the Thought World.

     However, when Conscious Minds travel in the Thought World during sleep or in trance, they do not have to use this entrance for then they are still attached to their Past Aspects, which anchor them to the First Level on earth. But after death when they are severed from their Past Aspects, then they must pass through this gateway. The name given to it was the Dark Passage.

     It is unwise to dwell on the Force of Evil, but you should gain some conception of its habitation, and some idea of the Force which stems from it. In this State of Negation there is no compassion, no thought of pity for anything or anybody, the only remaining desire is the gratification of self. No beauty exists there, no truth is sought. The lowest most debased ideas that have ever entered the mind of man, dwell there. It is the source of the terrible ingenuity by which the mind of man conceives hatred and wickedness towards his fellow man. The lust that feeds on cruelty is the very atmosphere of that dread place. It is the country of death, for what is being dead but the refusal of a Mind to seek the Light? Death has power there.

     Jesus by accepting death in His human body, conquered death, and on His way through the State of Negation liberated any Conscious Mind lost there. Since His conquest of death, no Conscious Mind in dying, lacks His protection for that journey. So that now, no Conscious Mind can be snared by death, unless it has become the broken Spirit of an Unfinished Book, in which case that Conscious Mind, bereft of its Nucleus, will drift into the State of Negation to join the Force of Evil. But no Conscious Mind still wishing to seek the Light is ever in that danger.

     Because, from the creation of the world, Azrael and Arrantees consented to Their Life on earth, this conquest of death lay before Jesus. Because Arrantees had pledged Herself to share the common birth, all Conscious Minds have been saved from taking that Dark Passage on their way to be born on earth. Her acceptance of the human form of birth, won for all Conscious Minds that free entry into life on earth. Even as Azrael is there to help each Conscious Mind through that Dark Passage at death, so does Arrantees speed each little soul or Present Aspect from the Thought World, as it leaves for the adventure of its life on earth.

The Third Level Of Consciousness

The Third Level of Consciousness contains the Outside and the School. It is the Level on which all Conscious Minds exist after passing through the State of Negation, until they achieve their Judgement Picture. There is a great distance between the lowest Layer of the Outside, (which is easily penetrated by the Force of Evil) and its highest Layer, from which access to the School should be gained by any Conscious Mind who has achieved that highest Layer, at the successful conclusion of the next earth life.

     All Conscious Minds who have not passed their First Important Chapter exist on the Third Level between their death and their next life on earth. Also all Conscious Minds, however far they have progressed, exist here whilst rounding off the life just lived and cannot go on into the Fourth Level until after their Judgement Picture. But a Conscious Mind can receive, through remembrance during an earth life, a reflection from any Layer it has achieved.

The Fourth Level Of Consciousness

A Conscious Mind must have passed its First Important Chapter before it can enter the Forth Level of Consciousness. But when that point in progress has been achieved, after rounding off its life in the Third Level, and before it unites with its Supra-conscious Mind in preparation for its next life on earth, a Conscious Mind should begin to explore the lower Layers of this Fourth Level.

     This Fourth Level is very important to a Conscious Mind for its horizon extends infinitely, and as a Conscious Mind progresses through its many Layers, it has the opportunity for an extensive growth in knowledge and understanding. Here it may learn, first the purpose of its own Group, then of other Groups with which it is closely linked, until penetrating to the higher Layers where it can learn of the interaction of all Groups. For all that is concerned with evolution on earth, together with the whole History of Mankind, is contained within this Fourth Level. It is the highest Level of Consciousness a Conscious Mind can reach, and from its highest Layers a Conscious Mind would only return to earth for its Third Important Chapter, and the conclusion of its Book of lives.

     Thus there are only three Levels of Consciousness on which a Conscious Mind can exist. The First Level where it exists during its earth lives, the Third Level where it exists after death until it has achieved its Judgement Picture, and this Fourth Level through which it can progress until it has finished all its Patterns. The natural introduction to any new Layer or Level is in the interval between receiving its Judgement Picture, and before its union with its Supra-conscious Mind, which precedes another life on earth.

The Fifth Level Of Consciousness

The Fifth Level of Consciousness cannot be entered by a Conscious Mind. It is the Level on which Eternal Minds make their own progress. It is possible for Eternal Minds who have attained it, and who desire to do so, to give some faint reflection from it to their own Conscious Minds.

     On this Level, an Eternal Mind can assume a body of flame, and so enter interstellar experience.

The Sixth Level Of Consciousness

The Sixth Level of Consciousness is that on which Eternal Minds, who attain it, can foreshadow the Third Progression. The highest Layers of the six Planes of Truth and Beauty are also on this Sixth Level, of which the highest Layer leads into the Seventh Plane (see  diagram2).

The Seventh Level Of Consciousness

The Seventh Level of Consciousness is that of individual communication with the Light.

Supra-conscious Minds And Eternal Minds On These Levels Of Consciousness

Having dealt with Conscious Minds on their different Levels, we may now consider Supra-conscious Minds and Eternal Minds. No Supra-conscious Mind ever enters the State of Negation, although if they are adult they work in the Outside, and are subject to the Force of Evil there.

     According to their progress, Supra-conscious Minds enter the Layers and Levels of Consciousness as far as the highest Layer of the Fourth Level, although a Supra-conscious Mind would need to be advanced in progress to reach those higher Layers. No Supra-conscious Mind enters the Fifth Level of Consciousness, a natural limitation, as the Fourth Level contains all that is connected with mankind. When working in any of the Planes, a Supra-conscious Mind will reach whatever Level his or her progress permits.

     One reason for the withdrawal of the Child (14) from your Circle was because her interest and communication with you tied her too much to the Third Level of Consciousness, and thus was limiting her own progress. If you were to hear her now she would sound to you like Kophra (15). The Eternal Minds exist on which ever Level of Consciousness their work takes them, their work on the higher Layers of the Fourth Level offers scope for the growth of their knowledge and understanding. For in this vast Level is the whole Pattern or blueprint of the History of Mankind, its progress, together with its deviation from the original, that have occurred up to the present moment on earth. So that an Eternal Mind that has mastered all that this vast Level holds, has a complete understanding of this cycle as regards its progress on earth, and of the progress of the Split Personality, and can follow earth's evolution, past, present and can foreshadow its future.

     A Supra-conscious Mind, even when he or she attains these higher Layers of the Fourth Level, is there in the capacity of a student, instructed by Eternal Minds in the same manner as they are instructed in the Planes. So that a Supra-conscious Mind so studying is not approaching the personality of an Eternal Mind, as was suggested, rather they are achieving the condition in which, when the lives of their Conscious Minds are finished, they will be ready for the reunion with their Eternal Minds. Whereas Conscious Minds who are able to reach these higher Layers of the Fourth Level are not even students, but observers only, and their penetrations would be under the direction of their Inspirational Eternal Minds, and under the protection of their Guardian Eternal Minds, in accordance with the theme of that particular life.

     After Eternal Minds have gained complete knowledge and understanding of this Fourth Level, they are ready to enter the Fifth Level of Consciousness, which enables them to penetrate a stage of Progressive Creative Personality still a part of this cycle, but which carries them beyond the History of Mankind.

A question asked after this knowledge was given:

Question : As in the future on earth more Conscious Minds are reaching higher Levels of Consciousness, will the creative faculty on earth reach higher levels?

Answer : The average of the creative faculty on earth must gradually reach higher levels, for in spite of the rise and fall of civilisations the forward progress of mankind is in the nature of an ascending spiral.

     In any life of a Conscious Mind on earth there are opportunities for it to practise the use of the creative faculty, but the greatest call on this faculty, occurs during the three Important Chapters of a Conscious Mind, and the period in which these occur is fixed by their position in the History of Mankind.

     In all the different periods in the History of Mankind, right up to the present day, there have been Conscious Minds achieving their Important Chapters. The creative faculty reached in many of these has been of a very high order, naturally far beyond the average of their day, and in many cases it exceeded the average even of this present day. So that all through time, high levels of the creative faculty have been reached by some individual Conscious Minds during their Important Chapters.

More About The Planes

All Planes start at the Fourth Level of Consciousness and reach up to the Seventh Level, which merges into the Seventh Plane, that Plane which is the Plane of Individual Communication with the Light. So that each of the six Planes is a world, which in itself is an approach to the Light.

     On the lower Layers and Levels of the Planes, Supra-conscious Minds learn about them, and on the higher Levels our Eternal Minds themselves progress. A Conscious Mind does not itself enter a Plane, but once it has passed its First Important Chapter and so freed its Supra-conscious Mind to enter the Planes, it can receive an individual reflection from one of these Planes. Such a reflection is a communication, and must not be confused with an appreciation. For earth is full of reflections from the Planes, and an appreciation of these is the first stage for a Conscious Mind to make.

     An individual reflection from a Plane to a Conscious Mind, arouses the creative instinct of that Conscious Mind. It is not necessary to be a great artist or scientist to receive such a reflection. Most Conscious Minds are aware of these reflections even if their creative impulse only results in the arrangement of some form of beauty, or in the satisfaction of having found exactly the right words to translate what their minds are striving to express.

     All Planes are an equal approach to the Light, that is to say, one is not more important than the other, but they differ in being a simple or more complicated approach. Therefore it is easier as an example to use the Plane with the most simple approach.

     You do know that your perception of colour on earth is limited, that there are colours beyond the range of the human eye, and that your method of receiving colour only applies to the way you see it through your physical body.

     In the Plane of Colour, colour is a living thing, a medium which creates and which can reach the state of perfection which makes it an individual approach to the Light, and this is true of the other five Planes.

     On the higher Levels of Consciousness in the Planes, existence alters in a manner which is conditioned by each Plane. I have received reflections from the mind of Azvard, in which I learnt that on the higher Level of the Planes of Evolution of Mind, she exists as a flame. My first indication of this was during my first going away when I received my whole complete vision, although the only remembrance I brought back from it at that time was hearing myself trying to form the word 'Shadrach', because the name was associated in my mind with fire and flame. The last reflection to reach my Conscious Mind, was on walking home one night under a brilliant starlit sky, when I was overwhelmed with the conviction that I myself (when united with Azvard), would travel into other worlds and stars. Then I found myself wondering if the universe is the body of the Light and from an immense quiet and distance there drifted into my mind:

"Do not confine the Light even to the universe !"


(14) The Child is one of the two names of the Supra-conscious Mind of K. Long. See  diagram4.       Back to text.

(15) Kophra is the other name of the Supra­conscious Mind of K. Long. See diagram 4.      Back to text.


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