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The Three Arts

There are three Arts whose use lies in charge of Arrantees. Each Art is associated with one of the three Ways:

One Art is not more important to the progress of mankind than the other. All can be used by any Conscious Mind that has passed its First Important Chapter, just as a Conscious Mind must pass that Chapter before they can undergo a Special Experience with Azrael. Naturally a Conscious Mind will first practise the Art that is associated with its own Way and would be inclined, until freed from that limitation, to give that Art undue importance.

     These personal relationships, the Arts with Arrantees and the Special Experience with Azrael, are held by touch. This is a term given to all communications made by a Conscious Mind living on earth, with any other Mind in the Thought World, that a Conscious Mind can reach. From the lowest Layer in the Outside, (which would probably result in the kind of thought transference practised by witch doctors) to the highest Layer a Conscious Mind can reach, on which these personal relationships with Azrael and Arrantees take place.

     Although the use of the Arts implies touch with Arrantees and the Special Experience involved touch with Azrael, these relationships are not boxed up into separate compartments in the Thought World. For Arrantees would share and would be interested in a Special Experience of any Conscious Mind with Azrael, as Azrael would be interested in following the progress of a Conscious Mind learning the use of the Arts.

     For these things are the mutual concern of both Azrael and Arrantees and are quite often intermingled. For example, after the exhaustive test of Kath's Special Experience with Azrael was over, it was Arrantees who reminded her that the sense of humour was Her (Arrantees) gift to mankind, and pointed out to her the need for her to use a lighter touch in her personal life. Again when the Mother and Kath sought the help which resulted in the Mother's Special Experience with Azrael, together with her healing, it was Kath who led her to Arrantees, the source of that Art, and unless that way had been taken the healing could not have taken place.

     Conscious Minds in the early stage of using the Art of Remembrance often find themselves possessed of psychic powers. Conscious Minds using the Art of Inspiration acquire an understanding of colour and form, which they apply to themselves and their surroundings, and Conscious Minds on the Way of Service become interested in the Art of Healing, desire to use this power, and find in prayer a medium for the growth and use of this Art.

     Many who practise the Arts are unaware of their source, although some at least recognise that their Art springs from a source outside the normal range of their minds.

     Fortunately ignorance and confusion as to the source of the Arts, does not prevent their use. For example this Teaching continued to come through in spite of the mistaken ideas as to its source in the minds of the members of the earlier Circles. Likewise the prophets received their remembrance, although they spoke of 'God appearing to them' and gave expression to their prophecies as 'The Voice of God'. Indeed man would have lost all contact with spiritual life if his ignorance and confusion as to its source was allowed to close the door of his communication by touch.

     Nevertheless for those who can understand, it is better to hold a clear conception of the functions of each. One should realise that you minimise the gift of Azrael and Arrantees from the Light to mankind, if you do not understand Their necessity; that the Light alone was not sufficient for this cycle, being beyond the comprehension of Conscious Minds, and although man must seek the Light throughout all his lives on earth, he needs the help of Azrael and Arrantees in this search. They are the proper channels to direct his progress, to solve every problem and difficulty of his life on earth. For They are the Light in Personality, and although the Third Reflection is the dawn of individual communication with the Light, the full promise of such communication lies beyond our present cycle.

Why A Conscious Mind Exists

The Split Personality was the result of the failure of Eternal Minds to accept the equality of the three Ways, of the refusal of the Eternal Minds of Truth and Beauty, to accept as equal the Way of Service, a Way so different in its approach to their own; also of the reaction of the Eternal Minds on the Way of Service, to the Ways of Truth and Beauty, so strange to them.

     This obstacle to their acceptance caused their progress to be in abeyance. Because the Eternal Minds could not see the equality of the three Ways by the process of pure thought, either by reason or by intuition, an experiment was offered them by the Light and was accepted, whereby this truth could be reached by observation and experience. This solution required the creation of the Thought World and the earth. It also included a Split Personality and that this split part, the Conscious Mind, should live its lives on earth. These lives on earth of Conscious Minds were to be lived under the condition of accepting or rejecting experience, a condition that allows an alteration of personality.

     First the Eternal Minds in the Thought World learned to accept the equality of the three Ways through watching the process of evolution on earth, before the existence of Conscious Minds on it. For they observed in this process that the three Ways were inextricably interwoven and interdependent, and that they were equally important the one to the other.

     Through the lives of their Conscious Minds on earth who suffer experience in order to change, when finally the Split Personality is reunited, Eternal Minds will receive the gains from this change in the personality of the Conscious Minds. For some alteration to their own personality became necessary after their failure to accept the equality of the three Ways by pure thought.

     Even the Personality of Azrael and Arrantees, Representatives of the Light, were altered by Their human Lives, for They gained an awareness of the conditions and limitations of life on earth, that would not have been possible without those Lives.

     Conscious Minds, when they reach the Thought World after death, have not the same opportunity for change as they had during their lives on earth. For after death they become the sum of the choices they have made in that life, and of the experience they have accepted, although some progress can be achieved in the Thought World during the rounding off of that life, before the Judgement Picture has the effect of bringing that Conscious Mind to a state of readiness to go on.

     Therefore changes of mind whilst a Conscious Mind is still on earth, are of the greatest importance and the different stages of youth, middle age and of old age, are not the result of chance. Each has its own possibilities by which a change of personality can be acquired, and it is in the period of old age with its opportunity for reflection, that it is possible in the light of wisdom, (often painfully acquired) to make adjustments. This is particularly so in regard to relationships with other Conscious Minds, that were difficult in the past, and that brought trouble or quarrels in their wake. In reviewing the past, Conscious Minds should be able to see their own mistakes and omissions more clearly looking back, than in the turmoil of making them, and so reach a more compassionate view towards that Conscious Mind with whom there had been trouble. Although the opportunity for them to meet again on earth may not occur, the willingness for them to accept this fresh point of view is of great value, for it places that relationship in a state ready to go on; an attitude of mind necessary for its progress, and also of help to the other Conscious Mind concerned.

Added Knowledge About The Conscious Mind

These questions were asked during a Discussion Group Meeting:

Question : Do adult Conscious Minds belong to advanced Eternal Minds? Did Conscious Minds of advanced Eternal Minds live first on earth?

Answer : The progress achieved by all parts of the Split Personality is gained voluntarily under free-will. Therefore this progress must vary according to the will and effort of the individual concerned, but an adult Conscious Mind would certainly belong to an Eternal Mind who has advanced in knowledge.

     The time Conscious Minds started their lives on earth was when their Eternal Minds had achieved that stage in which they accepted the equality of the three Ways of Truth, Beauty and Service. At that point their Conscious Minds started their earth lives in order to acquire the same knowledge.

     The Conscious Minds that first lived on earth belonged to Eternal Minds of varying levels of attainment. The point in time in which each Conscious Mind would start its first life on earth, would depend on the part that Conscious Mind was destined to play in the Great Pattern created by the Light, which is called the History of Mankind.

Question : Why is the First Important Chapter so vital that its successful conclusion allows you to finish your Book of lives?

Answer : The conclusion of the First Important Chapter has a lasting effect on all three parts of the Split Personality. It assures the Eternal Mind of that Conscious Mind, of the eventual reunion of the Split Personality. It frees its Supra-conscious Mind to begin the work of his or her adult life, and it is the dividing line in the Book of lives of all Conscious Minds, for it separates that life from what has gone before. For until that Chapter is passed, all effort must be directed towards the personal progress of that Conscious Mind. The success of that Chapter shows that Conscious Mind to have attained a stage in knowledge and understanding that proves it ready to contribute to the Great Pattern, as well as to continue with its own progress. The theme of its Book can now emerge, the theme that is its own individual contribution to the History of Mankind. Until that stage is reached no Conscious Mind is sufficiently adult to either develop its theme; or to learn the use of the three Arts; or to undergo its Special Experience with Azrael.

     The First Important Chapter is the test as to whether a Conscious Mind has reached that stage. If it passes this test, these other things become a part of its future lives, and it has the assurance that it can continue until it has finished its Book, and lived its last life on earth. Therefore until this Chapter has been achieved, there is no certainty that its Book of lives will be finished.

Question : Are people like ourselves, who have been given the enlightenment of this Teaching, now receiving it to the end that we may shorten our playtime in the School and thus hasten our readiness for our next life on earth?

Answer : The main reason for your being given this Teaching is that you are ready for it, and need the enlightenment such Teaching should give you. Certainly one of the results of this knowledge might be to shorten your time in the School to the bare need of rounding off your present life, but that need will depend on yourself. Just the wish to pass on as quickly as you can is not enough. The fulfilment of such a wish requires the effort of living to that end. The greater your desire towards things, and your dependence on persons, the longer it takes after death to disassociate yourself from them. You cannot use either people, or things, and remain free from their claims. To acquire detachment is a necessary prelude to passing on to your next life.

Question : After the Judgement Picture is over, I feel there would be an eagerness to come back, and do that Pattern better. Does that feeling become a part of our next Conscious Mind?

Is there an interim between the Judgement Picture, and our next life on earth?

Answer : The Judgement Picture is really the completion of your life in the Thought World and comes at the end of the rounding off of your life there. There is always a deep regret that the past life had not been lived more in accordance with its design, but there is a recognition that there is no return to it. This regret however, does induce a willingness in the next life to accept any additions that will straighten out the deviations of that past life. This makes possible the adjustment of the next Pattern, so that in addition to the original design, extensions are made so as to fit in experiences that had been omitted or rejected in that past life. Sometimes when these concern other Conscious Minds they cannot all be fitted into the next life but have to await some future life, and thus the long chain of cause and effect is created.

     There is an interim between the Judgement Picture and the union of a Conscious Mind with its Supra-conscious Mind. In this interval a Conscious Mind may experience the joy and adventure of penetrating a higher Layer in a Level of Consciousness to which the gains of the past life have entitled it, thus increasing its knowledge of the Thought World. When this adventure is over the interim is finished, and that Conscious Mind would unite with its Supra-conscious Mind, in preparation for the next life on earth.

Added Knowledge About The Supra-conscious Mind

The Supra-conscious Minds came into being when the Thought World was created for the Eternal Minds. They were a part of the Split Personality, and also had to learn of the equality of the three Ways. The Split Personality was one of the qualifications necessary for this cycle, and occurred when the Eternal Minds, together with Azrael and Arrantees, began their existence in the Thought World. It was at that stage that Supra-conscious Minds also began their existence.

     The Pattern that a Conscious Mind is leading does not control the progress of its Supra-conscious Mind. But there are two occasions when Supra-conscious Minds do have to put aside their own work. Firstly the period, during sleep, when the Conscious Mind gives its daily record in the Thought World, and again after the death of that Conscious Mind, when its Supra-conscious Mind must attend it in the Thought World, until it has reached that stage when it is ready to see its Judgement Picture. If you consider these two occasions you will notice that these two periods, the daily record and the attendance after death, are sufficient to furnish a Supra-conscious Mind with a complete picture of the actions, thoughts and feelings of its Conscious Mind.

     The two following questions added information to the knowledge of Supra­conscious Minds:

Question : Is there a way, singly or collectively, in which a Conscious Mind can benefit its Supra-conscious Mind?

Answer : You can certainly actively benefit your Supra-conscious Mind by not just scraping through your Pattern, but by attaining the highest possible level. The nearer you come to the original design of your Pattern, the more you will have to give your Supra-conscious Mind when, after death, you have reached the state of union with your Supra-conscious Mind. For the knowledge and understanding you have from that life on earth, are the gains your Supra-conscious Mind cannot attain in any other way. All Supra-conscious Minds during their existence in the Thought World, are making their own progress, but the tributes their Conscious Minds bring are an extra endowment, and make the Supra-conscious Mind the first recipient of the Split Personality to gain from the earth lives of their Conscious Minds.

     Collectively you can benefit your Supra-conscious Minds by helping any other Conscious Mind whose life is intertwined with yours on earth, to keep its own Pattern. Conversely you can deprive another Supra-conscious Mind, as well as your own, by neglecting opportunities to help their Conscious Minds, or by placing obstacles in the way of such individuals during your life on earth.

Question : How far can a Supra-conscious Mind help his or her Conscious Mind in the Outside?

Answer : The Outside varies in depth, the top Layer being adjacent to the School, and the lowest Layer near the State of Negation, where it is most accessible to the Force of Evil. No Supra-conscious Minds, until they are adult, are allowed to enter the Outside, but after they are adult, the more wisdom they acquire, the further they can penetrate the Outside, but no Supra-conscious Mind at any stage ever enters the State of Negation.

     Helping those Conscious Minds who awake in the Outside after death, is a part of the work of all adult Supra-conscious Minds, both Guardian and Inspirational. It was the work of an Inspirational Supra-conscious Mind that created the living colours of gold and purple, in the example given you in the Summary, of the work of a Supra-conscious Mind in the Thought World. Naturally Guardian Eternal Minds and Guardian Supra-conscious Minds work more in the First Progression, whilst Inspirational Eternal Minds and Inspirational Supra-conscious Minds work more in the Planes. Do not forget their work and Patterns are complementary, so that there are many occasions when they work together, both in the First Progression and in the Planes.

Added Knowledge About The Eternal Mind

In the cycle previous to this one, the Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service existed in other creations and, before this cycle, had not been brought into contact with each other. They met for the first time in the interim before this cycle began. During the previous cycle each had progressed in gaining knowledge of the Light along his own Way of Truth, Beauty or Service.

     Now, in this cycle, they were to learn together that these three Ways are equally a Way to the Light, and with further knowledge these three Ways would be seen to merge finally into one Way. In order to acquire this knowledge the Thought World and earth were created, the Split Personality was evolved, and during this cycle a new relationship could be formed.

     There is no doubt the Eternal Minds who are well advanced in each cycle, have a foreshadowing before the end of that cycle, of the next step in their progress. So that, at the end of the previous cycle to this, such Eternal Minds must have begun to realise the possibility of other Ways, as well as their own, which led to the Light. Just as advanced Eternal Minds in this cycle know that the three Ways merge into one, these are also aware of the coming union of the Sphere of the Heart with the Sphere of the Mind, and attain some contact with the Seventh Plane, which foreshadows the Third Progression.

     For progress is not static in anything that is created within this experiment of Progressive Creative Personality, therefore Eternal Minds still have their opportunity to advance. The period of earth's History that gave them the greatest opportunity for a change of thought was during the evolution of earth before man started to live on it. For then it was that Eternal Minds had their first opportunity of observing two Ways other than their own, working in perfect harmony with their own Way, which observation led to the acceptance of their equality. But even as some Conscious Minds acquire voluntarily, through their love of the Light, more knowledge and understanding than others, so have some Eternal Minds advanced more than others in their wisdom and understanding; for under free-will progress cannot be automatic.

     Although Eternal Minds have accepted the equality of the three Ways, their Conscious Minds are only learning that lesson, and for them it is still an effort to appreciate the other two Ways to their own.

The following questions added to the knowledge about Eternal Minds:

Question : Eternal Minds were unable to accept the equality of the three Ways by pure thought. What about pure feeling, or did that too fail to bring understanding?

Answer : In the interim between the last cycle and this one, when the Eternal Minds could not accept that truth, either by pure thought (reason) or by pure feeling (intuition), there was a slight difference between the masculine Eternal Minds and the feminine Eternal Minds. The former, whose thought was predominated by intuition, were more hesitant, and less positive in rejecting the idea of equality, than the feminine Eternal Minds whose thought was predominated by reason. It was this difference in their state of mind that was the cause of two of the conditions imposed on this cycle. One condition was, that in the progress made on earth towards knowledge of the Light, intuition would lead the way, although reason could not be left behind. The second condition was, Conscious Minds belonging to all feminine Eternal Minds should during their lives on earth, come under the Sphere of the Heart (intuition), whereas the Conscious Minds of all masculine Eternal Minds would come under the Sphere of the Mind (reason). This gave feminine Eternal Minds a help in their difficulty. Therefore in this present cycle Eternal Minds learn by observation, in the Thought World, what thought alone could not teach them, whilst their Conscious Minds learn from experience on earth.

Question : Our Eternal Minds must feel perplexed and troubled with their Conscious Minds in both big and little things, from the failure to fully accept an experience, to the possibility of an Unfinished Book. Do they take such problems to Azrael and Arrantees, or to the Light?

Answer : A Guardian Eternal Mind can usually deal with all the small problems that concern his, or his Unity's Conscious Minds, and he can always call for suggestions from his Group. If the question becomes at all complicated, that Guardian Eternal Mind would call upon his Unity and the other Eternal Minds of his Group, for advice and if the trouble concerned other Conscious Minds in other Groups, the Guardian Eternal Minds of those Groups would also be consulted.

     Any serious trouble that might threaten the Group as a whole, would be taken to Azrael and Arrantees, who are perfectly able to translate the Will in all matters that would concern Conscious Minds. If the problem were to end in an Unfinished Book, Azrael and Arrantees would withdraw from the Thought World, unite and on Their own Level of Consciousness create the Pattern for the new Conscious Mind with the Sanction of the Light. On all other matters concerning the enactment of Patterns, the help of Azrael and Arrantees in the Thought World would be sufficient for their solution.

Question (17) : I have a feeling that the gains from my lives on earth should belong to Sanchuniathon, because they were made under the Sphere of the Heart, and that the increase from the lives on earth of the Man that Sees should belong to Azvard, because they were gained under the Sphere of the Mind. In which case the Child would finally unite with Sanchuniathon and Zoph with Azvard?(18)

Answer : The feeling at its conclusion is incorrect. For all Conscious Minds on the Road of Azrael and Arrantees, at the end of their lives on earth, unite for the last time with their own Supra-conscious Minds, who in their turn will unite with their own Eternal Minds. So that the Child will unite with Azvard, and Zoph with Sanchuniathon. Yet at the end of this cycle, preceding the union of Azvard with Sanchuniathon, which eliminates the division of heart and mind, his gift to her will be the gains in understanding won by his Conscious Mind on earth, and Azvard's gift to Sanchuniathon will be the understanding won by her Conscious Mind's earth lives. Thus far your feeling was correct.

Added Knowledge About Groups And Special Contacts

When the Group System was ordained by the Light for the Road of Azrael and Arrantees, it followed this design: each Group was led by two Unity Eternal Minds of either Truth, Beauty or Service. If it was a Truth predominated Group, the Unities of Truth would be the most advanced and would lead that Group; if of Beauty, the Unities of Beauty would be the most advanced and would lead that Group. Likewise if it was a Service predominated Group, the Unities of Service would be the most advanced to lead their Group.

     The theme of that Group, although it would include the alternate two Ways, would trend towards whichever of the three Ways predominated it, although without exception the Conscious Minds in all Groups would always have their three Important Chapters drawn from their own Way. In this manner the direction and balance of the three Ways is achieved.

     In that long stage of progress when Eternal Minds were learning the truth themselves, they discovered many affinities amongst each other. It was from these natural affections which grew from mutual attractions and from interests evolving in the same direction, that Groups were chosen. For although the qualification of the Group was ordained by the Light, their formation was arranged under Azrael and Arrantees. Thus was the link of Special Contacts made in the Group, with, in addition, a strong link between all parts of the Split Personality in that Group.

     The link between Unities was formed before the creation of the Thought World, in the previous cycle. Therefore it existed between Eternal Minds who belonged to the same Way. It was the gravitation of two Eternal Minds who were incomplete in their disunion.

     Besides acquiring a knowledge and understanding of all three Ways in this present cycle, the Unity Eternal Minds can also obtain, at the end of this cycle, a more advanced personality by their union the one with the other. Thus they will eliminate their present division of heart and mind. This union cannot take place until the Split Personality has reunited.

     The link between Special Contacts is a relationship in the process of being created within this cycle, the general purpose being the continuation of Progressive Creative Personality. The particular purpose is, through the formation of Groups with their Special Contacts, to attain knowledge by all in the Group, of the equality of the three Ways, until finally they are seen, not as three Ways of Truth, Beauty and Service, but as the one Way of Love.

     The necessary relationships between Eternal Minds belonging to the different Ways, was achieved before the formation of the Group, but as far as their Conscious Minds were concerned, the relationship of Special Contacts began in the Group, and will continue to be in the making, until their Conscious Minds have finished their lives on earth. The relationship of a Special Contact is formed between two Conscious Minds, a masculine Conscious Mind with a feminine Conscious Mind, but belonging to different Ways. Which of the two possible variants in a Group is chosen, is decided by the theme of that Group.

     There is a natural bond between those on the Way of Truth and those on the Way of Beauty, because the approach of both Ways is through a single Mind, whereas the Way of Service, and the constant mingling and companionship with other Minds than their own, is contrary to the detachment needed for their own Way. This same difference also makes it difficult for those on the Way of Service to understand the Ways of Truth and Beauty, in which they feel isolated.

     This also influences the choice of Special Contacts. For instance in a Truth predominated Group, it is usual for the feminine Conscious Mind of Truth to have her Special Contact with the masculine Conscious Mind on the Way of Service, because a woman learns more easily through a human relationship than by work. Whereas a masculine Conscious Mind on the Way of Truth can be brought to learn of Service through his work, and he may learn of the Way of Beauty, through having for his Special Contact, a feminine Conscious Mind on the Way of Beauty. However there is scope for variability in the choice of Special Contacts between Conscious Minds, and always, cementing all together, is the link of the Group.

     To help this relationship of Special Contacts to develop, such Conscious Minds come together in their lives on earth, either as husband and wife or as lovers, in about half the Chapters of their Book. Whereas Unity Conscious Minds usually come together only in their three Important Chapters, and then only to ease the stress of that life for each other. For the link of Unities is already made and only needs to be held, whereas the link of Special Contacts is in the making.

     These two questions were asked concerning this subject of Groups and Special Contacts:

Question : Can you explain why in the case of Unity Conscious Minds, the relationship of husband and wife between them, should occur in the man's Important Chapter but seldom in the woman's? I should have thought it was necessary in her case, as on earth she is under the Sphere of the Heart.

Answer : You are reasoning from the wrong angle by making the Sphere of the Heart the base of your argument, when it should rest on the needs of the Important Chapter. The needs of it differ from the rest of your lives, for they are the only occasion in which your personal progress is of secondary importance, and is subordinated to the theme of your Book. For they are the three lives in which you make your contribution to the History of Mankind, and your personal progress must be bent to that achievement.

     In these three lives, mind must be the dominating factor for women as well as for men, and the emotional stress of that life for a woman should be confined to the needs of her theme. Her husband, if she has one, will not be the centre of that life, so that when the time comes for the development of her theme, that relationship will not interfere with it. This arrangement also leaves her Unity Conscious Mind free to fulfil a relationship purely helpful to the success of her theme, perhaps as a father, tutor or friend. So, on the other hand, if it is a man's Important Chapter, the relationship of his Unity Conscious Mind as his wife, would provide a tranquil relationship, one that would not be exacting, since it stems from a bond already made, and not in the emotional development of being made, and would therefore interfere as little as possible with the work he has to do.

Question : During your Important Chapter you have your Unity Conscious Mind to help you. Is a Special Contact ever given to you instead?

Answer : A Special Contact would not be given for an Important Chapter instead of a Unity Conscious Mind. For a Special Contact is not a completed relationship, but is in the throes of being made and would therefore require constant attention, so would not at all take the place of a Unity Conscious Mind. A Special Contact would rarely come into the life of a Conscious Mind doing its Important Chapter; in fact, only in the case where that life was also an Important Chapter for the Special Contact, in which case their themes would be complementary. Their being together in that life would be a help rather than a hindrance, for in that case the success of the lives of both would mutually achieve their theme.

     For example in this present life of Kath's, her Unity Conscious Mind was there as a friend to help her, and as it was not his Important Chapter, but hers, his Special Contact was his wife. Whereas Kath's Special Contact, together with his Unity Conscious Mind, were at the same time fulfilling their own First Important Chapter, whose theme merged with that of Kath's.


(17) This was a question from K. Long.       Back to text.

(18) For explanation of names see diagram 4.      Back to text.

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