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The Special Experience Of Azrael And Of Arrantees

The Special Experience Of Mary, The Conscious Mind Of Arrantees

Little has been recorded of Mary the Mother of Jesus, but Her own Special Experience occurred when, as a virgin, betrothed to Joseph, She learnt She was to conceive a Son, who was to be Jesus. In a sense that is incomprehensible to man, both Mary and Jesus bore the weight of the other's Special Experience, as well as Their own.

The Special Experience Of Jesus, The Conscious Mind Of Azrael

The value and help afforded mankind through the Life of Jesus on earth, lies in the truth that He lived that Life under our conditions and endured the same difficulties and tests that Conscious Minds must also undergo, before the Book of their lives is completed.

     His touch, or communication with the Light, was intermittent, even as our touch is with the Thought World. He had to make, even as we make, His own decisions, the conclusions of His Conscious Mind, so that His Pattern or future, even as ours, was revealed to Him only as He lived it, except for those moments of touch, which we also can reach. He kept His Pattern because of His absolute readiness to submit Himself to the Will, and not because He saw a clearly defined path ahead of Him.

     For instance, in the Garden of Gethsemane, He became aware that His Pattern seemed to lead to His death and this to His Conscious Mind appeared incompatible with the fulfilment of His Pattern. Overriding this doubt, was His unfailing readiness to submit to the Will, although in that hour it seemed to Him that evil, using man, was in the ascendant, and that to Him to die was to fail.

     It is true that He had prophetic glimpses of His end, but such flashes have not the conviction that the moment of choice brings, when the prophecy is about to be realised. That moment came to Him now in the Garden of Gethsemane.

     On the cross, when He became aware that His Life was ebbing away, and that nothing was going to intervene between Him and the death of His body, that moment of overwhelming despair that comes to all of us with our Special Experience, came to Him, and was expressed by His cry: "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?" This was His Special Experience, the broken moment that led Him to the Light, even as our broken moment will lead us to Him, in which He learnt that His death was not the failure that He had accepted, but the triumphant fulfilment of His Pattern; for it was the conquest of evil. To me, there is a hint of surprise in the "It is finished", which followed. Then the peaceful conclusion of "Into Thy Hands I commit My Spirit". The cross which began in darkness ends in a blaze of light.

     The following questions were arising from the knowledge about the Special Experience of Azrael:

Question : Is the Special Experience likely to come earliest to Conscious Minds on the Way of Service? Why was Azrael's Special Experience so late in His Life?

Answer : Although the purpose of this cycle is to prove that the three Ways are equal, the difficulty the Eternal Minds had in accepting the Way of Service, resulted in the creation of earth stressing the need of Service in its evolution. For the same reason although Azrael and Arrantees represent equally Truth, Beauty and Service, the Lives of Their Conscious Minds on earth also stressed the need of all Conscious Minds to learn the necessity of Service.

     Before a Conscious Mind can achieve its Special Experience with Azrael, it is necessary for it to recognise that the Life of Jesus was the Life of the Conscious Mind of Azrael and that recognition is likely to come earlier to those on the Way of Service. However since this Special Experience is built on the foundation of love, it is a pity to associate it with any particular Way, for it weaves into each Pattern at the appropriate time. For the result of this Experience is a relationship between that Conscious Mind and Azrael that is indestructible. In the future lives of that Conscious Mind, doubts of many things may pass through its mind, like shadows over water, but the conviction of the link between it and Azrael is imperishable. A man once said to me: "It has never been difficult for me to accept Christ, I have always known Him to be there." I realised that man had had his Special Experience.

     The reason His Special Experience came when it did in the Life of Jesus, was because the most difficult truth in the whole of His Pattern for Him to accept, was that it could be His Pattern to die. This difficult acceptance of His death led to His Special Experience with the Light, so must come at the end of His Life.

Question : Is the idea of Jesus being a propitiation for our sins which goes as far in some religions as to hold, that if a man confesses that Jesus is Christ, his sins are remitted, in line with our Teaching?

Answer : We regard sin as a mistaken experience, which you must learn to see as an error against truth. Therefore to conform to some shibboleth, could not remit your sins, in the sense of relieving you of your responsibility for them. On the other hand, the church seems aware of something redemptive from the death on the cross. It was the Special Experience of Jesus with the Light, during His crucifixion, which gave to all Conscious Minds their Special Experience with Him, that was the redeeming power.

     In this one Life on earth Jesus fulfilled His whole Pattern. In the three temptations in the wilderness you have a symbolic interpretation of His three Important Chapters. His own Special Experience was endured during His crucifixion and the completion of His Pattern by His death on the cross. This death made Him the first Conscious Mind to conquer the Force of Evil.

     This conquest by His Conscious Mind, gave Him the power to come to the rescue of all Conscious Minds, for at some stage of progress of every Conscious Mind, there comes a time when it is unable to continue its Pattern without the help of Azrael. This crisis is called its Special Experience. It is the proof that the self, the human personality, is not enough. That is the common factor in every Special Experience.

     In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus accepted death if it was the Will. Perhaps as an aftermath of His temptations, there may have lingered in His mind some expectation of rescue from this death. Whatever the cause, He too passed through this agony of desertion, the apparent failure of His human personality. Then His Conscious Mind made contact with the Light, and He was carried through this breaking moment to the consummation of His Pattern.

Question : I quote from one of the answers; "The failure of human personality." Why must human personality fail?

Answer : If human personality did not fail in its search for the Light, it would never lose its self-consciousness, and would not emerge as a personality fit to find the Light. For there is no Conscious Mind whose personality is alone sufficient for the fulfilment of its whole Pattern. Even Jesus, the Conscious Mind of Azrael, had to accept this limitation during His Life on earth.

     It must be remembered that the reason for the Split Personality from which the Conscious Mind emerged, was to allow the Eternal Minds to exist in the Thought World. Here they could proceed by their own process of thought and by observation, whilst their Conscious Minds, representing the part of them that had failed to do this, had to learn by this new method of experience, on earth.

     First, through experience, a Conscious Mind has to learn what things are of true worth, and then to live by this acquired sense of values. For this growth of knowledge, and understanding, a Conscious Mind passes through a stage when to possess is a natural part of its progress, but as it advances, it becomes necessary for that Conscious Mind to lose this possessive attitude towards both, things and people. It must retain love and appreciation towards them, without the need to possess them, until the final stage is reached when a Conscious Mind learns that it cannot even possess its own Pattern, without the help of Azrael, for without its Special Experience it would have failed.

Question : I cannot see that it was inconceivable for Jesus to have failed in His Pattern. I thought He was subject to all our conditions, including that of failure.

Answer : The question that was asked was: "As regards humanity, was it in jeopardy if Jesus had failed in His Pattern?" And the answer did not say Jesus could not have failed. It is correct, His Life would not have held the same meaning for man if the possibility of His failure had been eliminated, for personality cannot be bestowed, and then appointed an unswerving path. This is what was affirmed, that it was inconceivable to imagine humanity deserted by the Light, if Jesus had failed, for there is the promise that no gain made by any part of the Split Personality should be lost. Your minds have sufficient difficulty in grasping what is. It is better not to seek too much to know what might have happened had things been different.

Question : What did Jesus mean when He said "ascending to the Father", because Mary lived for many years after the death of Jesus?

Answer : Azrael had a Supra-conscious Mind as well as a Conscious Mind, although we know little about Him. But the union of His Conscious Mind with His Supra-conscious Mind, would have taken place after that time described as "His three days descent into hell". For Him, as for all Conscious Minds, there must be that stage which we call the 'rounding off of the earth life', and for Him this was achieved in those 'three days'.

     Seeing that His one Life on earth completed His Pattern, after those three days He would have first joined His Supra-conscious Mind, which then would unite with His Eternal Mind, at which stage He could certainly use the expression "ascend to the Father".

     For that particular form of communication with the Light, when it was necessary for Him and Arrantees to unite and which took place on Their own Level of Consciousness, He would await this same process to be achieved by Mary, but since this form of communication took place outside the Thought World, and so both outside time and progress, it would not be correlated to 'the years in which Mary still lived'.

Question : During the three days of His descent into hell, did Jesus go to the School or the Outside? For instance where did He meet the penitent thief?

Answer : During the "Three days of His descent into hell", Jesus went into the School, and into the Outside, and communicated with every Conscious Mind there. Since He said to the penitent thief: "This day shall you meet Me in paradise.", that meeting took place in the School.

Miscellaneous Questions With Their Answers

Question : Could you explain the term 'tuned to the same key'?

Answer : Two Minds tuned to the same key are so linked, because in their progress in the Thought World, they have reached the same Level of Consciousness. Therefore a quick understanding between them is natural, although the Pattern of their earth lives may give them little opportunity of being together.

Question : Telepathy is now scientifically recognised. Is it the same as being tuned to the same key?

Answer : Conscious Minds tuned to the same key are Conscious Minds able to meet on the same Layer, and Level of Consciousness in the Thought World. There they can exchange ideas, and sometimes carry the memory of those ideas back to earth, although they may never, in that life, meet in the body. Telepathy is a form of communication between Conscious Minds even when they are separated by space, but this exchange of thought occurs whilst both Conscious Minds are on earth.

Question : Is telepathy, or a sixth sense, some races such as the Laps, the Bushmen, and the Aborigines possess, a power which we have lost?

Answer : You could hardly say this power is lost to the Western races, rather that it has atrophied from lack of practice. Amongst the Laps, the Bushmen and the Aborigines, it is not only known, but accepted without question, and is constantly used by them. On the other hand, for years past, the intellectuals of Western races have ignored, or discredited, any side of the mind that is outside the sphere of reason, and this attitude of mind has spread to the mass of the people. Scientists in the past applied no constructive research into psychic matters, and although the interest of some has recently turned in that direction, it has had little or no effect on public opinion. So that it is natural that there should be a lack of interest, even of contempt for manifestations such as telepathy, whose recognition they have been led to accept, either as a sign of ignorant credulity, or at least as something connected with unintelligent, primitive peoples. So that now the use of telepathy amongst Western peoples is usually confined to individuals whose spiritual progress has made them aware of it, or when it has been inherited as a psychic power.

Question : In the Thought World, what is the difference between thought that creates, and thought that is used as a means of communication?

Answer : In the Thought World thought that creates is thought in action, but when it is used as a means of communication, it is passive. The mind is stilled to concentrate on the person with whom to communicate.

Question : Could we know more about creative thought as it is used in the Thought World?

Answer : When the Eternal Minds changed from the state of observation to that of participation, with their acceptance of the Will, Conscious Minds were launched on earth, and the History of Mankind began.

     You have gained some idea of how the deviations of an individual Conscious Mind react on it, and those connected with it. Now consider the mass reaction of mankind. Nations fall short of their blueprints, some more, some less. This proceeds to affect the civilisation of which they are a part. From the original design of the Light, there is a constant loss, and a consequent need to keep all nature on earth, as far as possible, in line with the original conception, and time is a limitation in which to do this. It must be the work of man himself to rectify some of this loss and destruction, and Guardian Eternal Minds have much work to readjust the Patterns and lives of Conscious Minds for that purpose.

     There is still left a lot of work for Eternal Minds in adapting and recreating the effect of that loss, so as to bring evolution on earth back, as far as possible, to the original design.

     To convert the ugliness and distortion caused by man's lack of foresight and imagination; to lessen the gap between what has been done on earth, and the reality in the Thought World, (from which Conscious Minds on earth draw their inspiration) the whole of this creative work is designed to gain an equilibrium between what man has made of earth, and what he should have made. This creative work takes place in the Planes of Beauty and Truth.

     Perhaps it is easier for you to follow the creative work of Supra-conscious Minds, when, during their advanced studies in the Planes they are allowed to create. For the reflections of these creations so often find their way to earth. Take, for example, a flower such as the rose, that in some form has girdled the earth. Its inspiration to man has not only been the practical one by which, through hybridisation, he has added such beauty to his garden, but also because it has stirred the imagination of both poets and artists.

     Think of the intricate beauty to be found in the form of frost crystals, or in the arrangement of some seeds, such as those of a Chinese gooseberry, or a pumpkin cut transversely. This may not seem a superfluous effort, if you consider that the reality in the Thought World was some loving creation of a Supra-conscious Mind in the Plane of Form.

     This same care is reflected in those marvellous arrangements by which life is reproduced on earth. In the dispersal of seeds, in the return of the salmon to the home of his birth, in the emergence of the dragonfly, or in the extraordinary complex life cycle involved in hydatids or bilharzia, these all being reflections from the Plane of Direction of Matter. It is less easy for you to pick up the reflections from the Plane of Evolution of Mind, but an easy example may be seen in the writings of man when his imagination plays with what is not, but is to come.

Question : What is meant by individual communication with the Light? Is the coming of the Third Reflection (Revelation) a gradual process?

Answer : The two qualifications needed for the coming of the Third Reflection, are similar to those needed for the First and for the Second Reflections. The material preparation that must precede it, and the necessity for the general progress on earth to reach a certain level, achieved by individual effort, before the special manifestation of the Third Reflection can come to earth, in this sense it is a gradual process. These same conditions preceded the dawn of consciousness in the mind of animal man, which constituted the First Reflection and also came before the birth of Buddha, and of Jesus and Mary, that embodied the Second Reflection.

     When this level of general progress is reached, which will make possible the Third Reflection, depends on the way every Conscious Mind lives its lives on earth, for the recent advances of science have already accomplished the necessary material preparations for the Third Reflection.

     This Third Reflection is related to individual communication with the Light. That is, the ability to learn that there is a form of direct communication with the Light that does not need the use of a channel. Complete understanding of the use of this form, can only be obtained by Eternal Minds after the reunion of their Split Personality and the union of Unity Eternal Minds. There is much for them to discover about this form of communication in the Thought World during this cycle.

     Even Conscious Minds during their lives on earth receive glimpses of it. These glimpses arise from an experience wherein a Conscious Mind perceives reality reflected on earth, and this vision is an individual communication with the Light. Its possibility has always been present, so that any Conscious Mind sufficiently advanced in progress has been able to experience it in any age.

     It may be a reflection from the Way of Truth, when an absolute conviction is achieved that not only has the necessary assent of the reason, but obtains that understanding that only the consent of the heart also, can give. Or it may come from the Way of Beauty, an intense appreciation of some beauty on earth, that for a moment fuses it with the reality in the Thought World. Or it may be from the Way of Service, some warm outpouring of love towards some being or thing, that for a moment brings a sense of union embracing all.

     From whichever Way it comes, and a Conscious Mind as it advances, can learn to receive them from all three Ways, it causes a spontaneous uplift to the Spirit which arouses purest joy, and this happiness is the universal response to such an experience. It is the only possible answer a Conscious Mind can give to what is a direct communication with the Light, and all such experiences come under the Sphere of the Heart. The first of such communications was the initial response of animal man, through one of his senses, to an impetus from the Light, which was the beginning of his Conscious Mind.

What follows is a translation of Kath's thoughts therefore subject to error.

June 1960

a) This thought came to me when I was writing about these experiences that form an individual communication with the Light. That in the early stages of life on earth before the arrival of man, that the emergence of chlorophyll, that bridge between inorganic and organic life, the egress of those first creatures to crawl from the sea to the land, in fact every mutation might be a response of life on earth to an impetus direct from the Light, perhaps conveyed by some solar ray, but nevertheless an individual communication.

b) I think that the special manifestation of the Third Reflection draws near. To fix events in time is always a most difficult translation, but I think it might come in about 40 years. This point in time might be altered by war on earth. If man does not avert war, it might come later. I cannot foretell its nature except to lay stress on the fact that it will involve a much wider understanding of Arrantees. Remember, Arrantees represents the Sphere of the Mind, and if mankind in this age is advanced in material scientific discoveries, he is woefully behind in the approach of his thought.

c) When I wrote about the scientific material preparations made ready for the Third Reflection, I realised that modern communication, which can now reach all parts of the earth almost simultaneously, might well be symbolically described in the Bible by the following: "For as the lightening cometh out of the East, and shineth even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be."

Question : I find it nearly impossible to pray in words. My worship of the Light comes in the form of a rushing uplift of appreciation for something beautiful, but when wishing to pray for a specific person or thing, one has to use words, which are a stumbling block to me. How can one correlate this worship with prayer?

Answer : That spontaneous uplift of the Spirit is, as you have just learnt, an individual communication between you and the Light and like all moments of touch between a Conscious Mind on earth and a Mind in the Thought World, is made under the Sphere of the Heart. This approach, although subject to the condition of cause and effect, cannot be held and is not regulated by the mind. Usually such an experience comes to a Conscious Mind unforeseen. So it is necessary for all Conscious Minds to learn to communicate with the Thought World, under the Sphere of the Mind, to make this effort through the duller, more difficult approach which has its foundations on earth. This communication is by reason, and prayer is one form of this communication. Reasoned thought must be a sustained effort to keep in touch with the Thought World, and must be practised by a Conscious Mind desirous of seeking the Light, for in your search for the Light, the use of your heart and your mind are both necessary. Intuition and imagination are direct approaches, but reason cannot be left behind.

     There is no need for you to use any set form of words for your prayers, for what are these, after all but the thought of some Conscious Mind seeking this same form of communication.

     If for you, your own thoughts are an easier channel, use them.

     All that is necessary to ask for yourself, is that your desire to seek the Light may override any other desire, and that you may avoid placing any hindrance in the search of another. But could it not be a comfort to you, to ask for help for those you love, for whom there may be some special reason you know of, for which they need help?

     When you pray in general for those you know are bearing heavy burdens, for those suffering from the effects of war, or those enduring the results of some recent catastrophe, remember it is not given to you to know what power such a prayer, made with sincerity, can loosen. If you could see how that prayer is used, how some individuals encompassed by fear, through it find comfort, how it can even provide a harbour in an hour of need, you might persevere however wearisome prayers in words are to you.

     For it is a paradox that for the approach through the Sphere of the Heart, there is no need of faith. Such an experience carries its own instant conviction, you know you are in touch with reality, but this other approach through reasoned thought, must be made in faith. You remain unaware of the help you have given, but must cling to the belief that no sincere prayer is ever wasted or lost. Nevertheless if you will only continue with patient perseverance, you may be aware in time, that you have gained another touch with the Thought World, and one that you would not wish to be without.

Question : Does time, as we know it, exist in the universe or does progress?

Answer : It is more reasonable to confine your questions to the dimensions of which you are aware. The particular form of time which man has constructed for his own use, with its deviations from seconds to years etc. and with its separation from space, belongs to mankind only. Even on earth mankind has discovered it does not convey an exact conception, for it can be upset by your emotions. An hour can appear to lag, to take an immense time to pass, or on the contrary it can appear to pass in a flash. It is only by working to a clock that a man can keep his time exactly regulated to his use.

     The progress that takes the place of time in the Thought World, has this factor in common with man's time, it allows a succession of events to exist. This progress is a form of time, confined to your solar system for this cycle.

Question : It seems that our Patterns are set between different parallels to regulate what man calls chance or luck. Is it possible for our Eternal Minds to manipulate these parallels under certain circumstances?

Answer : It is such a very rough analogy to say Patterns are set between parallels to regulate what man calls luck, that it makes it difficult to give a correct answer. It is true that adult Conscious Minds, advanced in progress, will meet a different set of circumstances to those of a non adult Conscious Mind. The analogy of the octave, already given to you in the Summary, explains why this should be so.

In all your lives on earth your next Pattern is affected by the mistakes and omissions of the former ones. So that always there is a long chain of cause and effect in operation, which has been created by yourselves. On account of this there could be occasions when your Pattern might shift into a more difficult, or into an easier parallel. Then a man might say: "My luck has changed for the better.", or: "My luck has changed for the worse." This would not be due to any manipulation of your Eternal Minds, but would be a temporary adjustment due to some cause you yourself had created.

Question : What is the difference between imagination and inspiration?

Answer : In the sense in which these words are used in the Teaching, imagination is the creative faculty of the mind. It is the power Conscious Minds, during their lives on earth, can use to call on inspiration. Inspiration is the answer from the Thought World to that call of the imagination.

Question : Man was made in the Image of God. Can you throw any light on this phrase?

Answer : As man advances in progress he does not conceive 'God' as embodied in the likeness of a human form. The truth in this phrase lies not in the body, but in the mind. The mind is that part of the personality which is common to all forms within the scheme of Progressive Creative Personality, although not, as in the case of a Conscious Mind on earth, confined to a physical body. It is the power to think, which we share with the Light, and that gives us the same power, in some measure, to create. This gift is the true image in which we were created and which we share with all other forms in the scheme of Progressive Creative Personality.

Question : The wicked shall be dealt with according to their imagination. Imagination not deeds?

Answer : If a Conscious Mind has in its imagination, conceived some deed, the thought of that deed has entered its personality, even if it is never carried out. The fact that it never reaches a conclusion does not wipe out the impact of that imagination on its personality, although it may remain hidden. This has its converse side, when the imagination of a Conscious Mind strives to reach a higher state than it has yet attained, this imagination may open the gate to it.

Question : As we go on in progress, we are less and less likely to hold important worldly positions, or even to belong to the upper social brackets as understood in our time. Yet I find it difficult to imagine Azvard's (19) message given ungrammatically through an uneducated person?

Answer : There seems some confused thinking in this question. Azvard's message certainly called for her channel being able to acquire sufficient education to obtain a wide vocabulary, coupled with a clarity of thought and expression, but such a background is not confined, or necessarily fostered, by those who hold positions of wealth or worldly importance. Because Kath was the Conscious Mind of Azvard, she was the right channel for the Teaching, for on that account she could receive direct communication from Azvard, which was a necessary condition. Therefore a suitable environment, including relevant hereditary traits, was chosen for this life. As a child she led a simple healthy life, but you may have observed, as her theme developed, her social importance decreased in order to free her of those ties.

     The culture and education necessary for any life, including that of an advanced Conscious Mind, can always be found in surroundings that do not include wealth or social importance, in this age. In any case, those Conscious Minds who are advanced in progress, can always sustain their personal dignity no matter into what social status they are born. Advanced Conscious Minds such as these can find suitable surroundings on any level of society, and do not need the support of importance or visible worldly success.

     Nevertheless, all Conscious Minds in their progress towards achieving a true sense of values, must pass through many, varied experiences, and before a true valuation can be struck towards power, position, and wealth, it is necessary for a Conscious Mind to live several lives under these conditions. Therefore the majority of such Patterns are held by Conscious Minds in the process of learning a more adult sense of values. On the other hand when history calls for a life which needs to exhibit qualities of self­control and integrity, that Pattern will be given to an advanced Conscious Mind who can develop these qualities, even if that life does carry with it position, wealth and power. But the number of Conscious Minds whose wisdom and integrity are required by the blueprint of the History of Mankind, is small indeed compared to the number of Conscious Minds who hold such positions of wealth and importance, for the sake of their own personal progress. Especially you will find these latter in a falling civilisation, when, if a position of power and importance is held by a Conscious Mind young in progress, who allows personal desires and prejudices to influence its judgement, the falling condition of those times is likely to be continued.

Question : In the Summary it says that: "The theme of a Conscious Mind belonging to the Way of Service is part of their personal progress." What does this mean?

Answer : The themes of all Patterns are used in the service of mankind. Therefore Conscious Minds on the Way of Truth have their themes drawn from Truth, but must use them in the service of mankind. Also Conscious Minds on the Way of Beauty have their themes drawn from Beauty, but must use them in the service of mankind. The Conscious Minds on the Way of Service have their themes drawn from Service, and so for them alone, they can use them on the same Way.

Question : Not the greatest, but the quite useful, even artistic second class work, could it be given to a man or woman on the Way of Truth or of Service, but not on the Way of Beauty? For example could a picture in this class be done by someone on the Way of Service?

Answer : The type of work you suggest could be a part of the Pattern of a man or a woman for a number of reasons. It could be given to a man or a woman belonging to the Way of Service or of Truth, if in that life they had to learn an understanding of Beauty. Or it could be given to a man or woman of those Ways during one of their Important Chapters as a pleasure and ease to their minds, perhaps then more in the nature of artistic craftsmanship, or an appreciation of music, rather than its performance. Again it could be part of the Pattern of a Conscious Mind on the Way of Beauty, not as the theme of an Important Chapter but in a life of personal progress, when again such a gift might be given as a relaxation in that life, and perhaps as a preparation for an Important Chapter.

     Your so­called works of genius, which are an art that touches reality, and so possesses a lasting quality, are the works of Conscious Minds on the Way of Beauty, during one of their Important Chapters. Nevertheless the second class work of which you spoke should have a real touch of inspiration in it, if it is the work of an adult Conscious Mind whose main objective in that life was to learn an appreciation of Beauty.

Question : Could we be told anything about the response of rocks and stones to the Light?

Answer : It was said by a Conscious Mind on earth that: "A landscape is a state of consciousness." Once such a landscape has conveyed that feeling to an observer, he is aware that it is a reflection from another world. For that scene, through its beauty, has added the knowledge that on earth itself can be perceived the assurance of harmony and perfection, a glimpse of the abiding order of the universe.

     Rocks and stones might easily form a part of such a landscape, but they also, existing in time, hold within themselves the possibility of another response. At some moment in their existence, when an opportunity for change arrives, be it sudden or slow, there could be in that change a response to the Will.

Question : Does Mohammed belong to the same order of beings as Buddha and Azrael? How does the Pattern of Mohammed fit into the Thought World?

Answer : To explain the Pattern of Mohammed it is necessary for you to know something of the Muslim religion. Of the institution of Islam, the most important are the so­called five pillars, and of these five pillars the most important is:

The First Pillar: 'Salat', the Worship
This does not consist in asking God favours, but is essentially an acknowledgement of His Might and Majesty and an act of adoration, with physical acts culminating in prostration where the worshipper touches the ground with his forehead. This may be performed anywhere, without any special place of worship. It is performed facing a certain direction, the 'Gibblah'. The call to worship is given by the human voice 'mu adhkin', and the timing for each physical act is given by 'iman' the leader, who stands in front of the ranks.

The Second Pillar is 'Zakat', or legal alms
and although it was regarded as a tax, it had a religious character. Almsgiving among the Muslims is regarded as a pious duty.

The Third Pillar is 'Sawm', the fast,
performed during the month of 'Ramadam'.

The Fourth Pillar is 'Haji', the pilgrimage,
which when finally established in course and form, may be said to focus on one point in time and space, the whole Islamic World's acknowledgement of the might and majesty of God. Kabah in Mecca was recognised as such, and the adoption of it as 'Gibblah' meant that.

The Fifth Pillar is 'Shaddah', the confession of faith.
That is the repetition of the words: "There is no God, but God, and Mohammed is the messenger of God." Repetition of these words made a man a Muslim.

     Worship for the Muslims is essentially something that concerns God and the individual only. In short, all the strict obligations of the Islamic worship could be carried out if there was only one Muslim in the world.

     There is a complementary tendency to emphasise the unity of the Islamic community, and to develop ceremonies which impress this on the worshipper. To sum up, Islam is a community of individuals joined by common duties, but, in the last resort, not necessary to one another.
This summing up was taken from Mohammed at Medina by W. Montgomery Watts.

From that summary of the Muslim religion it can be seen that it differs from other religions in an important aspect. Its foundation is the belief of communication between God and man, without the intervention of anybody or anything else.

     Mohammed does not belong to the same order of beings as Azrael and Buddha. He was the Conscious Mind of a Spirit on the Road of Buddha, I think the presiding Spirit of one of the Groups, who incarnated for the purpose of undertaking the Pattern of Mohammed. There is perhaps some sort of analogy between him and John the Baptist, for Mohammed was the first Prophet of the Third Reflection. Through his life on earth there grew up a religion that holds as its central truth, the necessity for individual communication (prayer) between man and the Light. He may be regarded as the forerunner of the Third Reflection, in that the religion he founded is the beginning of direct communication, and thus forms a prelude to the Third Reflection.

Question : Can we know the significance of our solar system?

Answer : The solar system of which earth is a part, was created for the life that was to exist on it, not only life on earth, but for all life necessary for the continuance of this cycle in this scheme of Progressive Creative Personality. That this cycle should be enacted within the solar system, which is small in relationship to the universe, is relative to the importance of this cycle, for after all, this is only one cycle in one creative scheme of the Light.

     Nevertheless, although the sun is a very small star in the stellar universe, it is symbolic of the Light in its own system, for towards earth it is the giver of light and life. Without this light nothing on earth could exist, and the rays from the sun bring more than the light man is aware of. For some rays are the means of conveying an impetus from the Light, an impetus to which all life, inorganic, organic, up to and including humanity, can conform to the Will.

     I am not certain, for a Conscious Mind cannot enter the Planes, but I have an intuition which leads me to believe that the three Planes of Beauty exist in part on the planet Venus; that the three Planes of Truth have a part of their existence on the planet Mars, and that all the planets revolving round the sun have their use in some part of this cycle. Also I am certain, through Azvard(20), that Eternal Minds who are able to reach the Fifth Level of Consciousness are not confined to the solar system, but can gain interstellar experience in a body of flame.


(19) For explanation of the name Azvard see  diagram4.       Back to text.

(20) For explanation of the name Azvard see  diagram 4.      Back to text.


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