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Messages Given To The Discussion Group

There have been some personal remembrances which the members wish to be included in the Summary. Mostly they are disconnected and may as well be dealt with here at the end of the appendix.

Question : Can we have an explanation of the names given by Kath in the Summary?

Answer : There are no names in the Thought World because they are not necessary. Communication is by thought, so that there is no speech of words. Therefore all the names Kath has used for personalities in the Thought World, and all the names given to members in the Circle were invented by her. After being away and returning to give some remembrance of that going away to the Circle, Kath did not find it easy to connect quickly the person thought of, whilst away, with their present earth name. It was possible, but by the time their names were recollected, the interruption to her thought would cause the rest of that remembrance to fade away. So she learnt to seize on any label that the moment inspired.

      These invented names (21) can be divided into two classes. Those that were a quickly summarised characteristic of the person concerned, such as 'She who Brings Laughter' and 'the Man that Sees', or those names that Conscious Minds had held in some previous life on earth, that for some reason Kath was permitted to see. In this class Sanchuniathon and Kophra belong. They were the Phoenician names given to the Conscious Minds of both Kath's and her Unity, in a previous earth life together, which was their Second Important Chapter. For some forgotten reason Kath gave the name Sanchuniathon to her Guardian Eternal Mind, whilst she attached Kophra to her Supra-conscious Mind, and not to her Inspirational Eternal Mind whom she called Azvard.

     There was a lot of muddle and confusion over these names in the early records, but at the time it was not corrected, but left until an explanation, which would not interfere with the Teaching, could be given. Perhaps that explanation is overdue. In the early days of the first Circle and second Circle, members of these Circles called Kath, the 'Child'. In those days, on her return from being away, the change from the Child to Kath was gradual and not always discovered. Later on, when Kath's Supra-conscious Mind did talk to members directly, the name the 'Child' gradually became restricted to her Supra-conscious Mind, and if it was necessary to refer to her Conscious Mind, the name Kath was used.

     Again in those early days writings were usually signed, Sanchuniathon, whereas the Teaching was, and always has been given by Azvard. In those days there were only scraps of teaching, for the chief work of both the early Circles was the preparation of Kath to become a channel for the Teaching and her Guardian Eternal Mind was in charge of that. Her Initiation, which was a test of her fitness for this work, occurred at the end of the First Circle.

     The fact of Kath's Supra-conscious Mind being given two names, that of Kophra and the Child, arose in this way. If Azvard made a direct request to the Man that Sees, and it was disregarded, Azvard would be out of touch until the effect of that cause had been worked out. This happened very rarely, but when it did happen Kath's Supra-conscious Mind took over under the label of Kophra. The voice and the style of Kophra was quite unlike that of the Child, and yet could be distinguished from Azvard. The Child and Kophra are one personality, but the reason for this difference was, when Kophra was substituting for Azvard she was in very close touch with her, on the higher Layers of the Fourth Level of Consciousness, whereas when she was the Child talking to members of the Circle, she would get as close to them as possible, and would be talking from the Third Level of Consciousness. Kath's Supra-conscious Mind enjoyed both these roles, and she was allowed to speak for Azvard sometimes, even when no trouble had occurred.

     Kath translated the difference between these two roles given from two different Levels, as if they were different personalities, although like all those on the Road of Azrael and Arrantees, Kath's Split Personality consists of:

Question : The use of the names Azrael and Arrantees in the Summary might give offence to church people. Should they therefore be kept or others substituted?

Answer : The Summary was not written for the church, although an endeavour was made to keep it in line with church teaching when possible. You will find the majority of the members of the Discussion Group will prefer their old labels, but if you wish, it is in order for you to change those labels. In that case their titles should be used, Ruler of the Thought World for Azrael, and Director of the Thought World for Arrantees, although for repetition this could be shortened to The Ruler and The Director.

     From the beginning Kath spoke of the Ruler of the Thought World as Azrael, long before she remembered the Life of His Conscious Mind as Jesus. The name Arrantees is unique amongst the labels of Kath's choice, since its significance is purely that of sound. By this means she endeavoured to convey her conception of Arrantees.

The Relationship Of A Conscious Mind With Its Guardian And Inspirational Eternal Minds

Question : In the early days of the Teaching Kath seemed to be on happier, easier terms with Sanchuniathon than with Azvard, who seemed far above human status. Is this a general rule; are all Guardian Eternal Minds more approachable?

Answer : You will find on earth most children in the early days of their life are more intimate with their mother than with their father. In exactly the same way Conscious Minds reach that intimacy with their Guardian Eternal Minds. For remember, in every life on earth until they are seven years old, all Conscious Minds are under the protection of their Guardian Eternal Minds, so that the Conscious Mind turns to him in trouble, much as a young child would turn to its mother on earth. Indeed, until the First Important Chapter is over, and the theme of their Book develops, the relationship of all Conscious Minds is closer with their Guardian Eternal Minds. But when the Chapter is completed and their theme develops, their relationship with their Inspirational Eternal Mind deepens, and becomes more important and sympathetic, with the progress of their theme.

     As far as Kath is concerned, in those early days of which you speak, she was being prepared for the Teaching under the charge of Sanchuniathon. Kath's remembrance during this period was sufficient to make her fully aware of this relationship. Towards the close of the second Circle, the climax of her training came when she was asked by Sanchuniathon to give up her remembrance of him, because it was becoming of first importance to her, whereas in future the Teaching must take precedence over all else. This renunciation was a real and bitter sorrow that overwhelmed her life at that time.

     By this remembrance I do not mean that she recollected all that happened between them in the Thought World, but she was very conscious of Sanchuniathon as a personality she longed to be with, and his companionship became the reason for her desire to go away. It was this personal remembrance that she was asked to give up of her own free-will. Whereas Azvard, in those days, represented the burden of the Teaching, and in Kath's mind was closely associated with Arrantees, and the exactions of the Sphere of the Mind. Also, at that time, in granting her remembrance, it was not always possible to keep from her the shadow of the future loneliness, and responsibility, that this task would bring her. It is due to her skill in interpretation that the reflection from these emotions were faithfully translated in her characterisation of Sanchuniathon and Azvard, as felt by her at that time. From the beginning of her work, on her first attempt at writing the Summary, her relationship with Azvard altered. For then she was in constant touch with her, and as her knowledge and understanding of her grew, the relationship improved so that now both Azvard and Sanchuniathon are linked together in her heart and in her mind.

Disconnected Questions About Kath
(November - December 1958)

Question : Why could not Sanchuniathon rescue Kath from the Darkness?

Answer : During her Initiation, the Force of Evil had the right to make suggestions to Kath, and if this statement appeared to her to be true she must accept it. The suggestion that Sanchuniathon could not come to her was deceptive, for it was partially true. For if it became necessary that one of her Eternal Minds should rescue her from the Darkness, it would be the duty of Azvard, her Inspirational Eternal Mind to do so, so that the assertion Sanchuniathon (her Guardian Eternal Mind) would not come was literally correct, and she accepted it. This statement, although the truth of it distressed her, had no actual bearing on the case, for her strength lay in her holding fast to the message Sanchuniathon had given her: "Remember there is no Darkness into which the Light cannot come." This message, in due course, would lead her to call Azrael."

Question : When Kath saw a past life did she use her own psychic gift to go behind the curtain of time, or did she obtain the vision through the Child? Was it the same for her own past lives as for the past lives of others?

Answer : For seeing behind the curtain of time, Kath used her Art of Remembrance, and used the same Art for her own past lives as for the past lives of others. In the case of the other people's past lives, on her return to earth, it was sometimes a little difficult to disassociate herself from the personality just seen in that past life, because whilst seeing she had entered into the mind of that person.

Question (June 1958) : If Kath had failed to bring the Teaching would it have been lost?

Answer : To bring and translate into words what she could remember of the Thought World forms the Pattern of Kath's present life, which is one of her Important Chapters. Before she started the Teaching her Initiation took place. The result was a clear indication to Azvard and Sanchuniathon that she could undertake this Pattern.

     She is, at this point of time, the only Conscious Mind to receive a direct communication, of the type of the Teaching, from an Inspirational Eternal Mind who is capable of giving it. In that manner it is unique, for it is a direct communication involving no other medium, but that one Split Personality.

An Answer Through A Remembrance
(April 5th 1957)

Question : Will there come a time on earth when we shall order the manner of our own death? It is difficult to imagine Jesus dying from an accident, or from illness, yet that is the usual manner of our death.

Answer : (This answer was given by K. Long.) The remembrance now referred to, occurred whilst I was staying in Puponga (22) in 1939. I seemed to be strangely in company with death at that period, for it was then that I experienced the death of the Mother, yet it was a peaceful happy time. There is already a way opened to another form of death and some have taken it. The following best answers your question.

     I was in bed, and thinking about death, and I thought, that when we have accomplished as much of our Pattern as we can, we should be ready for death. Also we should be aware when that point in time has arrived, and be able to lay aside our life, and by an effort of will, dispose of our bodies. I had a feeling that this was another way to die, and that I could follow it, and Azrael said that I might try. I knew it was necessary for me to be in touch with Him whilst I sought that way, but when I felt life going and that I had found that way, Azrael said: "That is enough, now you must return to your Pattern." It was harder to return than to go on.

A Remembrance From Which Follows A Message From Azrael
(November 1959)

From Azrael to Kath
Child why do you ask to come Home? You should know that I will not keep you on earth a moment longer than must be.

Message to the Group
Children you must face the truth. You want to follow Me, but My Road is a hard Road, nor can it be made easier for you. As your understanding grows, so must you endure deeper experiences. Yet, though these difficulties may seem never­ending, they are never given beyond your strength. Can you not see that without them you would stand still? Do not break My heart with the bitterness of your acceptance. To accept unwillingly is to suffer the experience without the full gain. Why dwell on the shadows? They come because you follow My Road.

The above paragraph is what I thought Azrael said, so I asked Azvard to translate.
Those of you who are on the Road of Azrael and Arrantees and therefore must gain from your own experience, when you are ready, must live a Pattern akin to Azrael's Pattern, His Life on earth. These lives, so necessary for your growth will bring shadows of sorrow and loneliness in their wake, but if you will accept these without bitterness they will not seem so harsh. To kick against the pricks means that you suffer without growing. Go out into the sunshine, even if it does look wintry, and you will find Azrael is always there to help you bear your burdens. You did consent to this Pattern of your life, it is now too late to alter it.

A Remembrance That Ended In A Dream
(September 5th l959)

This remembrance ended in a dream, and like all such, had to be disentangled. It was on September 5th 1959 which is spring here, in New Zealand, but I knew it was connected with the 5th of April 1890, the day when I was born, for in England April is spring.

The dream was of my seeing primroses growing on a bank and, whilst climbing to get them, I stopped to pick some white violets, and then a shadow fell - my fear of losing the primroses by my delay.

     Then she came, and the shadow passed, and the remembrance began. For she came dancing with happiness, and in her dance she showed the beauty of the things that in this life I should learn to love. First the beauty of those white violets with the faint purple on their curved back petals; of the starry clumps of primroses, my very own flower, with their fresh clean scent and pink, woolly stems; of the white clouds scudding across the blue; the silver pussy willow, and the lambs tails swinging in the breeze. There was a little wind with a hint of rain in it, that just lifted one's hair like a caress.

     Then she passed from the lane to the seashore, where she danced with the waves and the wet sand, with the circling seabirds, and the tiny shells hidden in sea wrack. The children loved this, I don't know when they had joined us, but all those born that April were watching now. I did not mind their being there, for they were under my sign and could see, - besides it was a thing that should be shared.

     Then the moon rose over the sea, and she danced on the path that it made. It lifted the mind, so that no one who saw it would ever quite forget the beauty of form, and would never be too afraid of the future, for they had seen her dancing on the bridge that stretched between all life, and life on earth.

     For some time I wondered who 'she' was, because although symbolic, it was a remembrance, so she had reality. Yet I had the strongest feeling she was neither the Child nor me. Then I learnt that she was my Present Aspect and was on the way to my birth, so once more from something personal I learnt a general truth. We know that at conception the Conscious Mind with its Nucleus has its beginning, but now I learnt that everyone's Present Aspect joins its Conscious Mind at birth. It is a joyous union, for this Present Aspect, sent by Arrantees rejoicing on its way to earth, is freed from past and future links. It is a new beginning.

Result Of A Talk At A Meeting
(December 1959)

"Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? Yet one of them shall not fall to the ground without your Father knowing."

     I have always loved that saying, for it seems to me to convey the Love of the Light towards the created, and I wondered if any of you found it difficult to accept its truth?

     The way a Conscious Mind thinks and feels is so constricted by time. It is possible to hold successive thoughts about the subject, but each must follow the other, - one thought passes before the next comes. It is difficult to convey one's knowledge of the Light, but can you try to imagine that the Light can hold this whole creation of the Thought World and the earth, simultaneously, both in thought and feeling, together in co­existence? So that the loss of a sparrow would make its impact.

     Azrael and Arrantees when united, can also hold the whole of this creation in Their mind, and because They both lived a Life on earth, can feel in Their hearts the emotions of this creation. Therefore it is true to say you can cause Them grief. For They have shared humanity with us, and you cannot hold love towards anything, without being made vulnerable by that love.

     Perhaps understanding of this, may make real to you the individual relation between the Creator and the created, and also the personal bond between us and Azrael and Arrantees. Remember we are part of Progressive Creative Personality, and as its very name shows, there must be a personal relationship binding all and everything together in this scheme, if we will only seek it, and recognise it.


(21) Some of the names mentioned in this answer are demonstrated in  diagram4.       Back to text.

(22) Puponga is a place in New Zealand.       Back to text.


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