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The Summary Of The Teaching

By Kathleen Long

Chapter 1

The Split Personality On The Three Ways

There is one belief common in a greater or lesser degree to everyone, for a belief in ultimate perfection haunts the mind of man. No one is entirely free from this idea, or the longing for perfection that drives man to search for it. Some in science seek perfection in Truth, some through art seek it in Beauty, others in thought or action seek it in Goodness or Service.

     So far back that now we cannot trace its origin, the idea has been held, that there are three Ways along which the mind of man can receive knowledge and understanding, and these three Ways are the Way of Truth, the Way of Beauty and the Way of Goodness or Service. This Summary maintains that the ultimate destination of these three Ways is that which religions have called God, which science calls Mind and Purpose in the universe and which art knows as the source of its Inspiration. The Light is the name I have chosen for this absoluteness, with the assumption that in the Light these three aspects, Truth, Beauty and Service, unite. This union is beyond human experience at present. Indeed could there be any supposition more impossible to accept than that the Conscious Mind of man could, at its present state of progress, claim full understanding.

     It is difficult for the human mind to conceive eternity at all, and impossible to conceive it as a straight line, which must begin and end. But it can be represented by a circle, which is endless and thus a symbol of eternity. On Earth we can see that continuity moves as a circle. A seed falls, a plant grows, flowers, fruits and decays, but in decline holds further life in the seed again. So then it is reasonable to suggest that the creation of earth was the result of a cause preceding it.

     From the beginning of my remembrances which form this Summary, I was conscious of having received them from a different dimension. I had the strong impression in leaving that dimension, that I had left reality. To return to earth was to return to something that was connected with the dimension that I had left, but merely a distorted reflection of it. It was to me as if I had visited a dimension which was an understandable whole, under perfect control, moving with reason towards a purpose. Leaving such a dimension was like leaving a landscape lying in full vision under the colours of a sunlit day, whilst returning to earth, seemed a return to a colourless landscape from which night had barely lifted, to disclose broken glimpses of a country distorted and half hidden in mists and clouds.

     This dimension which I know through remembrance, I shall call the Thought World. For there thought creates, and is the means of communication; there is no speech of words, neither is there time nor space as known on earth; its course is shaped by progress.

     The Light is Mind and Purpose in the universe. Probably there are many activities in the universe controlled by the Light, but the only purpose of which I have received some knowledge, is that which I have called Development of Personality, a design so vast as to reach far beyond human conception, and including both the Thought World and the earth, also extending beyond into the universe.

     For I learnt that the creation of both, the Thought World and the earth, was brought about by an obstruction in this development of personality, an obstruction which at that stage concerned only the Eternal Minds of Truth, of Beauty and of Service, who along these three Ways sought their personal understanding of the Light .... and whose personality, after the original creation of earth, we share. For it was the Intention of the Light, that the Eternal Minds of these three Ways should each learn of the other two Ways, and should accept them as equal to their own, as such knowledge would lead to a wider understanding of the Light. But the Eternal Minds of Truth and Beauty opposed this, for they could not accept that any Way that was dependent on relationships with others, and therefore contingent upon the thoughts of others, could be equal with their own Ways of Truth and Beauty, which offered a direct approach and which could be followed by a single Mind.

     In the development of personality, independent thought must be an integral part. Thus it could not be the purpose of the Light to overthrow this opposition by force, but it remained the Intention that these Eternal Minds should discover that these three Ways of Truth, of Beauty and of Service, were equal Ways to the Light. Moreover, with deeper understanding, it would be seen that they were not three separate Ways, but that during this progress they must unite, into the one Way of Love.

     Therefore the Thought World and earth were created, that therein this enlightenment might take place, and the qualifications, limitations and conditions of these two dimensions were laid down.

     The plan of this creation was made known to the Eternal Minds, and they were willing to accept the conditions of these two dimensions, and to observe the result. The Eternal Minds of Truth and Beauty were satisfied that through the creation of the Thought World their Ways would control evolution on earth, and the Eternal Minds of Service had the assurance that in the evolution of earth the necessity and equality of their Way of Service would be proven. The final outcome of both dimensions would be of equal interest and importance to the Eternal Minds of all three Ways.

     Earth was created as the dimension in which the independent thought, or opposition to the Light, could be worked out. One important condition was the limitation of time, and the division of time from space on earth. Thought on earth would be expressed by a speech of words, which could be used to cloak the thought behind them as well as communicate it. Over all would be the ruling law of Free Will, a free-will that is limited to an acceptance or rejection of a Pattern.

     The Thought World, proceeding by progress, unlimited by time, was created for the existence of the Eternal Minds whilst the evolution of earth took place, and as the dimension wherein the qualifications, limitations, and conditions of earth would be controlled and enacted.

     In the ages before life appeared on earth, progress in the Thought World reached that stage wherein these qualifications, limitations and conditions had been accepted as the Will, and were understood and eagerly executed by all Eternal Minds, who through observation of the working of evolution on earth were already able to discern the Intention of the Light. So that besides resolving the original opposition, this creation of the Thought World and the earth had already become a subsidiary part of the Light's design of personality.

     Having reached this remembrance of the Thought World, I received a vision of what must always be indescribable as a whole. For although a Conscious Mind can perceive that all life is one and that truth will and does explain that conception, even as beauty illustrates it, to translate that vision into words would need the wisdom and knowledge of ages past, present and to come.

      Nevertheless, as a result of that vision the Teaching was produced, and for me proved beyond all doubt the fundamental truth emerging from this creation, not only that all life is one, but that without service there is no life. For service is the root of love; and love, or understanding, was the cause of this creation.

     It was given to me then, to catch from my own Eternal Mind of Truth, a faint reflection of the almost unbearable wonder of her own perception, that the Light is not only Absolute Truth and Absolute Beauty but also Absolute Service and perceiving this, to recognise the utter incompleteness of any vision that is not able to see those three Ways as one; the Absolute Love.

     As on earth the idea of an ultimate perfection now haunts the mind of man, so in the Thought World progress towards the Light is its ruling force. To define this force or attraction in words is to be shackled by the limitation of human understanding. It is impossible to convey the keen desire, the adventure, which belongs to this progress. It is perhaps best reflected in the feeling which the scientist or the artist attains when, under his hand, his work appears to be approaching that which his mind has perceived. Again in the flood of tenderness that can arise in a man's heart, selfless and protective, towards some fellow being or creature. These emotions express a little of that feeling in the Thought World, this force towards the Light.

     But as well as this tide rising towards the Absolute, there is also an outflowing tide from the Light, which outgoing flow might be called a division of personality. For the central integration of this creation of earth and the Thought World rests on the transmutation of the Light in the persons of two Eternal Minds;

These two, in Their existence in the Thought World, accept an existence similar to that of the Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service, subordinating Themselves to the Will which governs this existence. Yet, being of the Light, They suffer division only in the Thought World, being able to unite when approaching the Light. For, in the creation of the Thought World and earth, division leads from the Light, and union towards the Light, so that union is its goal.

     At the creation of earth and the Thought World, the Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service each followed one of the qualifications accepted by Azrael and Arrantees. One Eternal Mind of Truth belonging to the Masculine Principle followed Azrael under the Sphere of the Heart, and one Eternal Mind of Truth belonging to the Feminine Principle followed Arrantees under the Sphere of the Mind. These two Eternal Minds were thus linked in the manner of Azrael and Arrantees and are thus called Unities. All the other Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service did likewise, and those who followed Azrael are called the Guardian Unity Eternal Minds, while those who followed Arrantees are called Inspirational Unity Eternal Minds. The name of Unities is given them because, linked in this relationship, each pair will, at the completion of the purpose of this creation, have attained the privilege that now only Azrael and Arrantees possess, the power to unite to form one whole and perfect personality. Thus, and only thus, will these Unities be able to follow Azrael and Arrantees into the Third Progression, a part of the Thought World which cannot be entered until this union has taken place; by this attainment they will be able to continue to a yet closer approach and a greater understanding of the Light.

     The Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service, shared also in the outflowing stream from the Light. They submitted to a division of themselves, that is to a Split Personality. These new creations, emerging from each Guardian Eternal Mind and Inspirational Eternal Mind were a Supra-conscious Mind and a Conscious Mind, both being of the same Principle and Way as the Eternal Mind from which they came, Masculine or Feminine and of Truth, Beauty or Service. The Conscious Mind was split off to inhabit a human body and to live on earth, there to take part in what is known in the Thought World as the Return Journey and on earth as the History of Mankind. The Supra-conscious Mind was formed to exist in the Thought World, to achieve its own progress there and to provide the channel between its own Conscious Mind and the Thought World.

     I have endeavoured to represent this Split Personality in a diagram (see  diagram 1).

     The Conscious Mind is allied to the Supra-conscious Mind. The relationship between them can be expressed most clearly by the following analogy:

      "Liken the Conscious Mind to a plant shooting up into the air, growing there and absorbed in its life cycle of leaf, flower and seed, unaware of any other plane. Nevertheless, there is a vital part of the plant under ground, the root, which supports and feeds the plant. This represents the Supra-conscious Mind. And here is a most important point: cut the root and the plant apart, and they both cease to exist. Yet when the winter of death comes and the plant dies down, seeming to cease to exist, the root is still there in the earth, ready next spring to send up another shoot, that life may be renewed. But at this point the analogy fails. A plant comes up in the same form, year after year, whilst the Conscious Mind, returning to earth in life after life, enters a different body and a changed environment, yet with the continuity of the same Supra-conscious Mind."

     Human life then is not a matter of chance, but has its place in order and purpose. It is the third part of this Split Personality, and as such has a destiny to work out. This destiny is designed to weave one single thread into the whole Pattern of the Return Journey to the Light. Each Conscious Mind thus lives a series of lives.

     A simple analogy for this series of lives is to liken them to a Book, in which each Chapter is one life. The Theme of the Book is conceived by the Light, but each Chapter is created under the rule and direction of Azrael and Arrantees, in accordance with the Will, and in this creation the Eternal Minds take part. Thus the theme of each Book is set, and each Chapter is a life lived on earth by the Conscious Mind.

     The Supra-conscious Mind may be regarded as the storehouse, or continuous personality, of the Conscious Mind. At the death of the body the Conscious Mind returns to the Thought World, and at a certain stage, unites with its Supra-conscious Mind, remaining there as one unit, until, at the appointed time, the Conscious Mind separates once again, to be born on earth to accomplish its next life or Chapter. By free-will, the Conscious Mind is at liberty to keep to the theme or construction of the Chapter, or to deviate, by refusing or neglecting to do so. The Return Journey of the Conscious Mind on earth must be accomplished voluntarily, through the change from a static or negative attitude of mind, to one of the acceptance of experiences, in the Pattern of that Chapter, by the use of free-will.

     The Supra-conscious Mind is the channel for such help and guidance as its Unity Eternal Mind, is permitted to give. Each life is so devised that the experiences and truths which form its Pattern are either new, that is, they have not appeared in a former life, or if not new, were rejected or ignored before. In this way each Chapter affords to the Conscious Mind the opportunity for a very definite change of attitude of mind, which can be attained during that life. The achievement of that change depends upon the right use of its free-will by that Conscious Mind.

     The factors of environment and of heredity, two conditions of the Will, are important considerations in the construction of an earth life, or Chapter. Hereditary traits are not, however, a lasting part of the Conscious Mind, but belong for the one life only. They are, so to speak, the clothes of the Conscious Mind:

Every Conscious Mind is in part derived from the Eternal Mind from which it originates, and in part, from the hereditary traits of the family into which it is born. It is the progress achieved by the Conscious Mind whilst suspended between the spiritual inheritance from its Eternal Mind, and the physical and mental influence of its hereditary traits, which, after death, when a certain stage is reached, is able to unite with its Supra-conscious Mind.

     Hereditary traits do not survive the death of the body for it is the Will that one possession and one only, can a Conscious Mind bring to the Supra-conscious Mind, in the Thought World when they unite:

These and these alone can be stored in the Supra-conscious Mind.

     So the family into which a Conscious Mind is born must be carefully chosen, that the traits peculiar to its inheritance from that family may suit the particular Chapter or life, whether they are characteristics to be overcome, or characteristics to assist in the fulfilment of the Chapter. Furthermore the Conscious Mind has a responsibility towards these hereditary traits, for they are a reflection of a source existing in the Thought World, which will become strengthened or weakened according to the use that is made of them, in that life.

     Similarly the condition of environment is chosen for the same purpose, to give the Conscious Mind the necessary experience in the period and in the surroundings, which are best suited for the fulfilment of his progress during that life.

The Teaching Summary, Contents: The Channel Introduction, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Summary, Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Appendix, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Conclusion

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