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Chapter 2

The Thought World And Its Dimensions

It is necessary now to say more about the Thought World and its Progressions. My diagram of the Thought World may be useful, but it must be regarded as purely symbolic (see  diagram 2). It can then assist in building up a conception of the Thought World approaching reality and adapted to man's present state of understanding. The names chosen for the divisions of the Thought World are labels only and are chosen for the purpose for which labels are used. If they jar or annoy, remember that they are only labels and, if you wish, substitute one of your own choice.

The Thought World consists of three Progressions:

You will see later that the First and Second Progressions each have their own activities, but that these activities are not isolated but co-related.

     The Darkness, a Symbol for the Force of Evil, concentrates at the limit of the Outside, and from there besets the rest of the Outside and the earth. It cannot enter elsewhere.

     The Third Progression, although of the greatest interest, is for practical purposes outside the conception of a Conscious Mind at the present stage of progress. It is accessible to Azrael and Arrantees when united, but cannot be entered by Eternal Minds until their Conscious Minds have finished all their lives on earth. Then, their Books being ended, their Supra-conscious Minds are complete and each is ready to join its Eternal Mind. Thus the two Eternal Minds are ready to unite and, as one, to follow Azrael and Arrantees into the Third Progression, where the Ways of Truth, Beauty and Service are no longer three Ways but One, which One Way might best be called:

Way of Love

In the First Progression, the School corresponds to some extent with the idea held of paradise. Its boundaries are held secure from the Darkness by the Eternal Minds of Service, and it is here that all young Supra-conscious Minds exist until by progress they become adult. Then they may move freely between:

but not into the Darkness. The Outside corresponds roughly with the idea held of purgatory.

     The School and the Outside are the dimensions to which the Conscious Mind returns at the death of the body. Whether it returns to the Outside or the School is determined by the way that Conscious Mind has used its free-will in the life, or Chapter, it has just lived. When the Conscious Mind has achieved half, or more than half, of the progress set in that Chapter, it will exist in the School after death until it is ready to join its Supra-conscious Mind, which is a necessary prelude to its next life. If less than half of this set progress has been accomplished, it is probable that the Conscious Mind will find itself after death in the Outside. More will be said later about this state of existence, between the death of the body, and the union of the Conscious Mind with its Supra-conscious Mind.

     I have said that the Darkness is the label for the Force of Evil. This needs explanation. Evil is not a unity, but is divided, being a condition and a Force. The condition of evil, like the condition of good, with which it is interchangeable, was created by the Light for the purpose of Free Choice, and this condition exists only on earth. Here on earth it can be seen that these conditions of good and evil are sometimes interchangeable. A deed which is right and good in the eyes of one nation may be wrong and evil to another. Examples of this are especially found in the conventions of morality and the varied views which are held regarding the act of suicide. The identical act can stand for either good or evil. There is in fact, nothing evil of itself; it is the value given it that changes. It is in the motive of the act that the good or evil lies.

     For instance to burn a heretic at the stake because you hate him, taking advantage of the law against heresy to make away with him, is evil; to do the same thing because you love him and truly believe that the only way to save his soul is to burn his body, is good, although it may indicate immature judgement. To do the same thing, although personally indifferent to the heretic, but in the conviction that his heresy is evil, is a more complex question still. There you walk a difficult ridge, with the valley of indifference towards others on one side, and of interference to the point of enforcing your convictions unjustifiably, on the other.

     The conclusion to be drawn from this is that man cannot destroy his own integrity, unless he acts against his own conception of right. That is true as far as he himself is concerned, but the Way of Service teaches that man cannot live for himself alone. Thus each man must learn to balance how far he may live according to his own ideas, against how much that conduct may injure those with whom he is brought into contact. In this way the conditions of good and evil allow free-choice, the opportunity for man to use his judgement and free-will.

     The condition of good, as well as the condition of evil, is subject to the Force of Evil, for both conditions are the battleground upon which the battles of free-choice take place. Remember that earth was the dimension set apart, where the original opposition or independent thought as to the equality of the three Ways, might work itself out, and all the conditions of earth are framed for this contest.

     No Conscious Mind can be forced to follow its theme, or to make progress which would lead it along the road of the Return Journey, but must make this progress of its own free-will. In these struggles there are occasions that arouse humour and mirth, both on earth and in the Thought World, but neither on earth, nor in the Thought World is there anything humorous about the Force of Evil. It is a horror to be withstood.

The Force of Evil originates from the destructive thoughts of all Conscious Minds that exist, or have existed, on earth. It emanates from all destructive thought, but mainly from the Conscious Minds of those we call Broken Themes ­ those who do not finish their Books. These Conscious Minds, in life after life, deviate so far from the original Pattern of their Chapters, either through inertia or through deliberate turning from the Light, that finally a stage is reached when the completion of their Book is no longer possible. When this stage is reached, that Conscious Mind after death is unable to rejoin its Supra-conscious Mind, and therefore cannot be born on earth again. The Conscious Mind then joins this Force of Evil which concentrates in the Darkness. Since this Force is derived from the destructive thoughts of Conscious Minds, it is not of the Light, thus is not eternal. It is like cold is to heat; as cold is the absence of heat, so is this Force of Evil the absence of the Light. As it comes from man it can assume personality to a Conscious Mind until, having passed through an Initiation, that individual gains understanding that it is not a personality, but is a Force, or energy, to be withstood.

The Second Progression consists of Six Planes

Perhaps the most accurate interpretation of these Planes is to recognise them as ways of perceiving the Light. Again an analogy may help. I know that these analogies may be tiresome, often hackneyed, and can never be carried far with any exactitude, but in describing a dimension other than earth they are indispensable.

     So let these six Planes be thought of as six universities, each offering a course in one particular subject, and it is in these six Planes that the Supra-conscious Minds make a part of their progress and gain in understanding. Remember that neither the Conscious Mind, the Supra-conscious Mind, nor the Eternal Mind is a complete personality whilst split into three in this manner; each part of this triple personality has an existence of its own, with its own progress to make, and its own understanding to gain; yet each is dependent upon the other.

     For this progress, each Supra-conscious Mind should enter three of these Planes, or universities, to obtain a complete degree in each. The united knowledge of the two Unity Supra-conscious Minds should cover five of the Planes. Six is not necessary as the Plane of Music and Mathematics are correlated. Thus each Supra-conscious Mind may have one degree in common with its Unity Supra-conscious Mind, and two different.

     It is dangerous to carry an analogy too far, but it may be said, that each of these six universities have a three year course for a degree, but you must remember to substitute progress for time. The first year is spent in observation, and all Supra-conscious Minds go as far as the end of this year in all six universities, that they may at least have an understanding and an appreciation of all. For those who continue, so that they may reach degree standard, the second year is one of instruction in preparation for the third year, when the Supra-conscious Mind uses the creative activity of that Plane.

     The high goal of five completed degrees between two Unity Supra-conscious Minds, is not always attained, and they have done well who achieve four, or even three, between them.

     The choice of which Plane a Supra-conscious Mind enters is not affected by the Way to which it belongs, whether this be Truth, Beauty or Service. Supra-conscious Minds from all three Ways may enter any of the six Planes, the choice being governed by the theme of their Books, the individual theme that becomes a part of the Return Journey.

     The Eternal Minds acquired mastery of these Planes before Conscious Minds appeared on earth. Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service move as freely in the Second Progression as in the First. Eternal Minds of Truth instruct in the three Planes of Truth, and Eternal Minds of Beauty instruct in the three Planes of Beauty, (just as on earth you would expect an expert to direct his own particular work) and Eternal Minds of Service, too, work in these six Planes, (as an executive would work on earth).

     In the First Progression the place of experts is taken by the Eternal Minds of Service who, besides watching and controlling the Patterns of Conscious Minds, where permitted, are also responsible for the control of the Darkness, its balance and its boundaries.

     In the diagram of the Thought World, you will see that each of the six Planes touches the Seventh Plane, which is symbolic of the fact that the six are equal; one is not greater than the other in importance. The variation in their size indicates a difference in approach, the smallest being the simplest, the largest the most complex. The Plane of Colour for instance, is like a straight line, the shortest distance between two points, and the Plane of Evolution of Mind is like a maze of paths; but both lead to the same final point, since all are ways of perceiving the Light and all attain that goal.

     The Planes of Colour, Form, Music, Mathematics, the Direction of Matter and the Evolution of Mind, all have their own reflections on earth. Science interprets the Plane of Matter; religions, philosophies and ideologies concern the Plane of Evolution of Mind. But these counterparts on earth are but reflections of the reality of their Plane and are not of the substance of the Plane which they represent; sometimes they are a clear reflection, sometimes distorted. Water may serve as an excellent mirror for reflections, but you cannot obtain knowledge of the substance of the reflected images by analysing the water, a substance common to all the images. Neither can you deduce from the material substances of these reflections on earth, the substances of their reality in the Thought World.

     On earth these reflections are subject to change. When a representation is fulfilled, reflecting on earth that particular aspect as near to reality as man can make it, it will then become dormant, whilst some other Plane develops a fresh reflection, usually distorted at the start, but clearing to a new concept as the wind of its creation dies away. This progress is never uniform, nor continuous, from any one Plane, but changes in the form of a spiral evolution. At some period on earth one or more reflections from the Plane of Beauty will dominate, whilst those from the Planes of Truth lie quiescent, or nearly so. In another period, developments from the Planes of Mathematics, Matter, or Mind will wax, whilst those from the Planes of Beauty wane. Reflections from these Planes to earth move after the manner of ebb and flow of tides, with this difference, that there is in each tide some measure of progress.

The Teaching Summary, Contents: The Channel Introduction, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Summary, Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Appendix, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Conclusion

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