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Chapter 3

Unities And The Group

When the Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service linked together in pairs and became Unities, those that followed Azrael, that is the Guardian Unity Eternal Minds, submitted themselves to the Masculine Principle under the Sphere of the Heart. Those that followed Arrantees, the Inspirational Unity Eternal Minds, submitted themselves to the Feminine Principle, under the Sphere of the Mind. These two Spheres of Heart and Mind are a division of thought, two different modes that affect the work and personality of those following them. This does not mean that an Eternal Mind governed by one Sphere is devoid of the other; in no imaginable concept is one without Heart and the other without Mind. Supra-conscious Minds come under the same Sphere as the Eternal Mind from which they originate.

     Since Azrael and all Guardian Eternal Minds with their Supra-conscious Minds, operate under the Sphere of the Heart, and Arrantees and all Inspirational Eternal Minds with their Supra-conscious Minds, operate under the Sphere of the Mind, you might well expect their Conscious Minds to do likewise, but it is of the utmost importance to remember that this is not so. One of the conditions of the Will was, that on earth all Conscious Minds should come under the opposite Sphere of influence to that of their Eternal Minds and Supra-conscious Minds. Therefore men on earth come under the Sphere of the Mind, and woman on earth come under the Sphere of the Heart. This may seem obvious to us, but it is more difficult to recall that in the Thought World, the Eternal Mind and Supra-conscious Mind of a man operates under the Sphere of the Heart, and the Eternal Mind and Supra-conscious Mind of a woman operates under the Sphere of the Mind. For Conscious Minds on earth there is also a physical distinction, the division of sex. Sex with its purely biological origins, is not a reflection from these Spheres of the Masculine and Feminine Principle. It is an earth condition of procreation. Nevertheless, these Principles should have their reflections on Conscious Minds as these Conscious Minds gain experience in the Chapters of their Books.

     The idea of reincarnation is an old one, and has acquired errors. That the Conscious Mind comes back to earth in some lives in the body of a man and in some lives in the body of a woman, is one of these errors, if applied to all human beings. (For qualifying knowledge received later about this, see: The Two Roads). It probably had its origin in ignorance of the two Spheres of Thought, and in the truth that variety of experience is one of the essentials. Taking the Split Personality as a whole, the widest variety is obtained by this change in the Sphere of Thought, which takes place when the Conscious Mind is born on earth, and which would be canceled by a change of sex. Indeed such a change would be incompatible with the nature of this Split Personality. Eternal Minds in the First and Second Progressions operate under their own Sphere of Heart or Mind, but are progressing towards that union which will, in the Third Progression, eliminate this division of Thought. The Supra-conscious Mind, sharing the same Sphere as his or her Eternal Mind, is yet a part of its own Conscious Mind, which would make it impossible for that Conscious Mind to change its sex. Instead, that Conscious Mind when born on earth passes over to the opposite Sphere of Thought during its earth life, but on death will, in the Thought World, revert to the Sphere of its Supra-conscious Mind.

     So on Azrael and Arrantees' Way, man is always born man on earth and woman always woman, throughout their Book of lives. As Conscious Minds gain in progress in their many lives or Chapters on earth, each should show some reflection from the Sphere of Thought to which they revert in the Thought World. That is to say, a man should have developed his intuition and a woman should have learnt to check her intuition by reason, that both may acquire a more balanced mind.

     As men on earth come under the Sphere of the Mind, so reason is their natural manner of thought. A man's thought is based naturally on reason, which is his best guide, hence it is necessary for him to practise intuition. Whereas on earth a woman comes under the Sphere of the Heart, and intuition, which springs from feeling, is the natural manner of her initial thought and her best councillor. Therefore women must practise checking their intuition by reason.

     These two modes of thought have an effect upon the work as well as the personality of those concerned. This can be seen from the fact that the work of Inspirational Eternal Minds and their Supra-conscious Minds in the Thought World, although they represent the Feminine Principle, is somewhat similar to the work that men do on earth, who are also under the Sphere of the Mind. On the other hand the work of the Guardian Eternal Minds, and their Supra-conscious Minds, although representing the Masculine Principle, has a resemblance to the work that women do on earth, who, like them, are under the Sphere of the Heart. In the Thought World the creative energy of a Guardian Eternal Mind, as the name suggests, is mainly expended on those under his care. This labour has a similarity to a woman's work on earth. His is the vast work of watching, guarding and controlling where permissible, the Patterns and lives of Conscious Minds, in arranging extra Chapters or lives in their Books, made necessary by their deviations under free-choice, and fitting these into the Return Journey, or History of Mankind, with all the complexities of time and complications of progress that such deviations bring about.

     This form of activity is just as creative, in its effect on progress, as the direct creative work which is the chief concern of Inspirational Eternal Minds and their Supra-conscious Minds, whose energy is mainly exerted in the activities of the six Planes, where they create the source from which Conscious Minds draw inspiration for their creative work on earth. Also, Inspirational Minds of Service, when necessary, subdue the Darkness, controlling its powers. This, and the direct creative work in the Planes, are labours comparable to man's work on earth, where he is also under the Sphere of the Mind. It must not be thought that this leads to a separate existence of Eternal Minds, or of Supra-conscious Minds, for they are complementary in their personality, and their work is interwoven. Between men and women on earth this complementary relationship is the true reflection of the Masculine and Feminine Principles.

     In the original opposition of thought against the Way of Service being an equal Way to that of Truth or Beauty, Eternal Minds of both the Masculine and Feminine Principle were involved. However, those who afterwards followed Azrael as the Masculine Principle, became uncertain, but were persuaded by those who afterwards followed Arrantees, as the Feminine Principle, to continue the opposition. So it follows on earth, the dimension where this opposition is being worked out, that the Sphere of the Mind, with its use of reason, is not, and never will be, the best guide for the Return Journey to the Light. Though it cannot lead neither can it be left behind; for personality could shed neither reason nor feeling without ceasing to progress.

     Through this relationship of the three parts of the Split Personality, all belonging to the same Way, personal progress towards final union is promoted; but it is the Intention that all should learn the two Ways other than their own. For this purpose a most important system was formed in the Thought World, which has reactions on all parts of the Split Personality. This is the Group System (see diagram 3). Each Group is formed of two Unity Eternal Minds of Truth, two of Beauty and two of Service, and on each Way one is a Guardian Unity Eternal Mind, and one an Inspirational Unity Eternal Mind. In this way six Unity Eternal Minds belonging to the three different Ways, with their Unity Supra-conscious Minds and their Unity Conscious Minds, are drawn together into an interwoven bond, knit closely together in interest, work and affection.

     This grouping has also the particular object of forming what are known as Special Contacts. All six Conscious Minds of a Group are naturally drawn together, but the unique relationship of Special Contacts is made between a man in a Group and a woman in the same Group on a different Way from their own, because this relationship gives the widest scope for experience during earth lives. So in each Group there are three pairs of Special Contacts and only two possible variations in the arrangements of Groups. The study of diagram 3, should make the relationship of Unities, and this unique bond of Special Contacts in a Group System, clear.

     This bond of Special Contacts between the Conscious Minds of pairs of the Group, is as important as the bond that draws Unity Conscious Minds together. The bond between Unities of the Split Personality finally results in one whole and perfect personality, whereas the creation of the Group System is the means whereby all gain knowledge of the two Ways other than their own. This is a preparation for the Third Progression, and the eventual under-standing of the union of the three Ways themselves, which is followed in the Third Progression.

There is this significant difference between the two relationships. The link between the Unity Eternal Minds, Unity Supra-conscious Minds and Unity Conscious Minds has the strength given from their being of the same Way, and therefore sharing the same origin. It is established. But the link between those Special Contacts of a Group is an alliance between Eternal Minds, Supra-conscious Minds and Conscious Minds belonging to different Ways, and therefore of different origins. So love and understanding between Special Contacts must make its growth during this creation of the Thought World and the earth.

     For this reason, Unity Conscious Minds seldom meet in close and intimate relationships during their earth lives, for their link already exists; and on earth care must be taken only that it is not destroyed. The Conscious Mind of a man and a woman, who have become Special Contacts through their Group, meet frequently however, probably in about half the Chapters of their Books, in order that they may have every chance to increase, through their mutual love, understanding of the other's Way.

     Finally when the purpose of this creation is completed, each Group will finally have attained three whole and perfect personalities:

ready to enter the Third Progression, woven together, like three strands of a rope, by the ties of mutual service and continuing, so linked, towards a further knowledge and understanding of the Light.

The Teaching Summary, Contents: The Channel Introduction, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Summary, Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Appendix, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Conclusion

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