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Chapter 5

The Supra-conscious Mind

It is now time to turn to the Supra-conscious Mind and its supremely important connections with its own Conscious Mind, for it is the channel of communication between the Conscious Mind and the Thought World. It is also the continuous personality, the storehouse of the progress made in each life by its Conscious Mind. Besides these two functions it has its own independent existence in the Thought World, and its own understanding to gain there.

     First it must be explained that all three parts of the Split Personality, in developing a progressive personality of their own during this divided existence, have, each of them, three distinct, although overlapping Aspects of Mind, an Aspect concerned with the past, an Aspect concerned with the present and an Aspect concerned with the future. For the sake of brevity these will be called the Past, Present and Future Aspects.

The three Aspects of the Supra-conscious Mind cover its work and its existence. The Past Aspect is concerned with its existence in the School, and its work as a channel of communication. The Present Aspect centers around its function as a storehouse. The Future Aspect is concerned with its progress in the six Planes and the Outside. As has been said, the Supra-conscious Minds exist in the School until the conclusion of the First Important Chapter by their Conscious Minds, which allows them to follow their own progress, that is, to live their adult life.

     The Past Aspect of an Eternal Mind is concerned with the thought held at the time of the opposition, and its preceding limitation to one Way, whether that Way was Truth, Beauty or Service. The Present Aspect concentrates on the creation of the Thought World and the earth, from its beginning to its completion, and overlaps the Past and the Future. The Future Aspect perceives and desires union, and the completion of the Group, and from the Seventh Plane has insight into the Third Progression.

     Whilst in the School the Supra-conscious Mind exists in the clear, unified thought of the Thought World, exercised under the Will. In this stage, the Supra-conscious Mind has to become accustomed also to the divided thought, with its speech of words, used on earth under free-will. This could almost be likened to learning two languages in each of which the Supra-conscious Mind must become proficient. The simplest practice in this art begins from the time when the Conscious Mind starts its Book. From that birth the Conscious Mind will, each night during sleep, using the Supra­conscious Mind as its channel, pass a complete record of everything that has happened to it during that day, to its Unity Guardian Eternal Mind. This occurs each night during sleep, using the Supra-conscious Mind as its channel and continues every succeeding night, carrying on from the point broken off the previous night. In this record is included not only the things that the Conscious Mind did, or in relation to other Conscious Minds, had done to it, but also what was said, and at the same time the thought held by that Mind, often completely contradicting the spoken words. These records are held in remembrance by the Supra-conscious Minds, who thus hold an exact copy of the life of their Conscious Minds. This is universal and invariable for all Conscious Minds and their Supra-conscious Minds, from the beginning to the end of their Books.

     This record given during sleep, is used for adjustment, so that the difficulties and errors, made by that Conscious Mind during that day, may be straightened out. Whatever help is possible is given then, within the conditions of free-will. For this purpose the Guardian Eternal Mind of that Conscious Mind is always present, and also the Guardian Eternal Mind of Service in that Group, should the Conscious Mind belong to either Truth or Beauty. Also other Guardian Eternal Minds are often included, if that Conscious Mind's relations with their own Conscious Minds, involves their interests. This does not mean that the occasion of this record is of no concern, or lies outside the interest of the Inspirational Eternal Mind of that Conscious Mind. This record is often the cause of thought, communication and consultation between the two Unity Eternal Minds, just as in a human family the mother will often discuss with the father, the doings and behaviour of their children. But it is the work of the Guardian Eternal Mind to be present during the giving of that record, and to make the consequent decisions.

     It is a part of the Supra-conscious Mind's work to bring back remembrance of the help given on this occasion, whenever it can do so, to its own Conscious Mind, although that Conscious Mind can ignore, distort, or forget it, by use of free-will. This particular intercourse, or Touch, between the Supra-conscious Mind and its Conscious Mind, has been called the Voice of Conscience, and is the first and simplest communication of the Conscious Mind, through its Supra-conscious Mind, with the Will. It must not be confused with hereditary traits, or a code of morals taught to the Conscious Mind in childhood.

     It has been said, that the Supra-conscious Mind is the continuous personality, being the storehouse of the understanding, love and interest gained in each life by the Conscious Mind. It does not follow that a Conscious Mind starts each life with the same equipment it had at the beginning of its first Chapter. It can draw from this storehouse that which it has previously bestowed, such interests and affections as may be helpful and suitable for the next life. For example in one life that Conscious Mind might have acquired a love of music; in another it might have developed a strong tie of affection with some other individual on earth; in another perhaps it gained a liking for animals. There may come a stage further on in its Book, when all three of these acquisitions would assist the theme and personal progress of that life. They can then be drawn as gifts for that particular Chapter, whilst other attainments not being needed for that life, can be left unused. But nothing can be drawn for any life, from that storehouse, that has not been bestowed previously, as the gain of some previous life.

     To learn more of the Supra-conscious Mind it is necessary now to describe the period after death, from the time when the Conscious Mind leaves the body, until it reaches the state in which it is able to unite with the Supra-conscious Mind.

At the death of the body, Supra-conscious Minds put aside their own independent interests, and devote themselves to the assistance of their own Conscious Minds until this union is possible.

     What happens at death is not quite the same as that which happens in sleep, although the first stage, in which the Present Aspect becomes dominant, is precisely the same. Now, however, the Conscious Mind does not have to return to the dimension of earth, but has to pass beyond time. It has to break the link with its Past Aspect, never to renew it, although this break will still leave it linked with its Future Aspect. At the present stage of man's progress this transition is not pleasant. The Conscious Mind is like a ship alone, seeking harbour on an unknown coast. Azrael is always present at the death of every human being, whether that individual is aware of it or not. If that Conscious Mind can, or has been trained to call Him at that stage, it is like a ship taking the pilot aboard. Amongst individuals where knowledge of Azrael or of His Life as Christ, has not yet been attained, or if the First Important Chapter has not yet been passed, that help can be given unsought.

     After this transition has been accomplished, which some have conceived as a falling through time, the Conscious Mind regains its perception in the Thought World. It still retains memory of that life just completed, through its Present Aspect, which is linked now only to its Future Aspect. For the Conscious Mind, through death, is now wholly severed from its Past Aspect. Therefore this Past Aspect is no longer capable of forming fresh thought, since the mechanism of this power had its source in the physical brain which death has destroyed.

     It is important to remember the loss of continuity of this Past Aspect. This is perhaps an explanation, why an apparition goes on doing the same thing without variety. It is also the explanation of the lack of direct communication from the dead. No Conscious Mind can return to earth after death, because it is severed from its Past Aspect. Even those who believe in spiritualism and in messages from the dead, admit the need of a medium.

     After death the Present Aspect of a Conscious Mind is absorbed into the Future Aspect, in the Thought World. The Conscious Mind at death is not able to unite with its Supra-conscious Mind immediately. There is still a wide gap between them which must be closed before union can be achieved. The Supra-conscious Mind has knowledge that is necessary, but not yet available to its Conscious Mind. Besides retaining memory of all the daily records, which form a complete picture from birth to death of that life, as it has been lived by that Conscious Mind, the Supra-conscious Mind has also a complete picture of that same life, as it should have been lived, of the possible personal progress, and of the theme development given for that life or Chapter. This is always shown to, and accepted by, the Supra-conscious Mind before its Conscious Mind is born on earth to begin that life. It is the variation between these two, that is the gap to be closed. The Conscious Mind must progress in the Thought World to a state ready to receive a vision of these two pictures simultaneously......      the life as it was lived, and the life as it should have been lived. This vision is called the Judgement Picture. When the Conscious Mind has passed through this ordeal, it is then ready, to unite with its Supra-conscious Mind.

     The knowledge acquired from the Judgement Picture is very wide in its effects. From this comparison the Conscious Mind learns the purpose and intention of the life that is just passed, and this knowledge lifts it to the same level, as its Supra-conscious Mind has already attained. The gap is thus closed, union is made possible, for the two are now of one Mind. The Supra-conscious Mind and the Conscious Mind then remain united until the time comes for a new life on earth to begin the next Chapter of the Book.

     In the meantime, before this stage of union with the Supra-conscious Mind has been reached, there is a variety of experiences possible to the Conscious Mind in the Thought World. If, in the life just finished, half or more than half of the progress set in the original Pattern for that Conscious Mind has been attained, it will regain consciousness in the School. But if less than half has been attained, the awakening is in the Outside. In whichever dimension awakening occurs, there is one condition that is the same; under the guidance of its Guardian Eternal Mind, and with the help of its Supra-conscious Mind, the Conscious Mind creates its own existence during this stage.

     You will understand that Supra-conscious Minds are much concerned with this period before union takes place. When this existence is in the School, the Unity Eternal Minds and the Supra-conscious Mind of that individual can prepare conditions for it, and these will form a natural rounding off and completion of the life just lived on earth. But its Supra-conscious Mind cannot play so active a part, if the Conscious Mind has regained consciousness in the Outside, unless the First Important Chapter is over, for until that is achieved, the Supra-conscious Mind does not leave the School.

     If this stage of existence takes place in the School, it is always a pleasant state. Remember that the Darkness cannot enter the School. This period of existence can appear to a Conscious Mind to be a complete life in itself. It is not possible to generalise much about it, because it is different for each individual, and is suited to the progress and need of each one. Generally speaking, if the Conscious Mind is young, that is, not far advanced in his Book, this existence will seem longer and pleasures which have been renounced or denied on earth in order to keep the Pattern, may be enjoyed now. For a more mature Mind these joys often take the form of creative work, which was denied or unfinished on earth, and may now find fulfilment.

     Whether the Conscious Mind is young or mature in progress, there are always meetings and relationships with other Conscious Minds in the Thought World, which bring much happiness. Denials and sacrifices made on earth for the sake of personal progress, or for the theme of the Book, are a thousand times repaid now. Such fulfilments that take place in the School, unmarred by earth conditions of time and change, surpass the power of a Conscious Mind to describe. Nor is there anything in the least shadowy or unreal about these experiences; indeed they have a more concrete reality than their counterpart on earth, where they can never reach perfection. Although there is much happiness in this existence, it is not an end in itself, but an interval in which these experiences round off the life just lived, and by their completion liberate the Conscious Mind from past desires and wishes. In this way the Conscious Mind reaches a state in which it is ready to go on, liberated from past desires, and is thus prepared for the ordeal of the Judgement Picture.

     The awakening in the Outside cannot lead to such happiness since no Conscious Mind awakes there, unless that individual has allowed some obsession, ambition or selfish love to deflect it from its course, or has become absorbed in the pursuit of its own will, contrary to its set Pattern. Such a Conscious Mind cannot rid itself of the things it has consistently put first on earth, just because death has intervened. If on earth it has passed by the beauties of the mind that are poured out there for those that will perceive, it will not seek those things in the Outside. But as death is a return Home for everyone, this awakening is made as pleasant as the state of that Conscious Mind permits. If the individual has not sunk far below the progress that would have taken him into the School, he may soon be helped to a better sense of values. If, on the other hand, he has turned a deaf ear to his opportunities and allowed some attribute or desire to govern him, it may be a difficult and dreary period. With the aid of the Darkness, such an individual will immediately create, and immerse himself in, the conditions to which he surrendered himself on earth, and although such conditions might pass unnoticed there, it is indescribably sordid and pitiful to watch the waste of energy of a Conscious Mind creating a condition so unnatural to the Thought World. Unfortunately the reality of these experiences is as concrete as the reality of those in the School.

     The Judgement Picture, which is always the conclusion of this stage of existence, whether it occurs in the School or the Outside, well deserves its name. There is no Conscious Mind that can escape the bitter sorrow and remorse that is the result of perceiving it. At first it gives the beholder a sense of wonder and a very keen interest, as he begins to see the real meaning and purpose of the life he has just lived. In the early stage of that life, when his deviations from the original Pattern are mainly the responsibility of those adults in charge of him, this keen interest predominates. But as the picture continues and he has to accept more and more responsibility for his own actions and mistakes, discomfort and regret soon intervene, for there is no original Pattern that does not glow with the lustre of the Will. Such lives are satisfactory and exciting in their entirety, and it is absorbingly interesting to watch how they work in with the whole, and yet make the individual contribution to the Return Journey, or History of Mankind.

     Unfortunately, the picture of the life as it was lived, is usually so deplorably different that sometimes it fails to do this, and by comparison with the original, is so drab and futile as to reduce the watcher to a state of despair and utter humility. In most cases it is not the wrong actions that induce these feelings, for they are so often followed by a consequence in which they are worked out. It is mainly the sight of opportunities missed or passed by, for alternatives that proved to have little endurance and when attained, to be, even on earth, of no value at all. The Judgement Picture I watched ended in this manner...... "Receive forgiveness and the peace that passeth man's understanding....... and go on!" But words are not adequate to describe the comfort given and the dawning eagerness to try afresh, which such an absolution inspires.

     All Supra-conscious Minds learn in the School to become perfect translators of their Conscious Minds, and this exercise gives them a wide ground to acquire knowledge and understanding of earth conditions and existence. They also always receive the set Pattern of each life before it is lived and when, after death, that life has been completed in the Thought World, the Judgement Picture perceived, and union with the Conscious Mind attained, the Supra-conscious Mind then becomes the storehouse of any interest, love, or understanding that the Conscious Mind has gained during that life.

There are several sources existing in the School, whose reflections are visible on earth. One of these is the source of all animal life. Man's domination of animal life on earth, should resemble the relationship between Eternal Minds and their Conscious Minds. Man should extend to animal life on earth the same care, protection and help as he is himself receiving.

     Throughout its creation there is something on earth that corresponds to, or has some relation with, man's free-will. Throughout time, therefore, you will find many stages of evolution co­existing. This is so in the animal kingdom, although the stage of the evolution of each species is affected, and in part controlled, by the purpose for which that creature exists, just as in the same way that man's free-will is controlled within the limits of his set Pattern.

     The denizens of the animal world can also be said to follow, in a measure, the Ways of Truth, Beauty and Service. In general most parasites, many insects and such lesser forms of life, exist to serve the Way of Truth, even though that knowledge should lead to their extermination. The lives of birds and butterflies and some animals, which by their loveliness, the grace of their movements, or the beauty of their song, make a direct appeal to man's sense of beauty, surely illustrate the Way of Beauty, whilst the closer and often affectionate companionship of those animals that are of use to man, represents the Way of Service.

     There is no hard and fast rule. In the course of evolution some may pass from one Way to another. Each by its life performs some service to earth. All, viewed from that angle are possessed of some beauty, if it is only the wonderful order or marvellous intricacy of their life cycle; and all can lead man's mind in some degree along the Way of Truth.

     Their source is in the School, in the First Progression, and that is the Home to which they return after death. Supra-conscious Minds, whilst existing there, are much with them, both for instruction and pleasure. All life, whether it is the fleeting existence of a gnat, or the dearly loved companion of some Conscious Mind, returns to this source, but not all in the same manner. Many return to this source for rest and renewal. These are under the Plane of Direction of Matter, so that the change in their evolution may keep its place in the History of Mankind. Those creatures whose life or habits adorn the earth, return to this source for the same reason, but under the Planes of Form, Colour or Music, which control their evolution. But to whichever Way they belong, if their gain in evolution leads them into personal contact with man, they can achieve some measure of individual personality, and then their return is different. For, if during a life on earth they win the love and protection of some Conscious Mind, or arouse in any individual a new perception of Beauty, or through their existence cause a Conscious Mind to make another step along the Way of Truth, then, when that life is completed, they gain individual form in the Thought World, through the memory of that Conscious Mind. They remain in the Thought World freed from the necessity of return to earth. Indeed there is nothing on earth, or in any part of its creation that wholly perishes, for all in some form can win its counterpart in the Thought World, and by its earth lives, or existence gain continuity there.

     Another source in the School is that of hereditary traits. When a new life, or Chapter, is to begin on earth, and the family has been chosen into which the Conscious Mind will be born, it is from this source that the particular characteristics most suited to that Chapter will be drawn, and these characteristics become that Conscious Mind's share of that family's traits. The manner in which the Conscious Mind employs or controls these traits during that life, determines whether they return to this source at the end of that life, weakened or strengthened by the use made of them. For Supra-conscious Minds in the School, these sources serve as a preparatory study and introduction to the later work they undertake in their own adult life, but in the School this is confined mostly to observation.

     At the end of the First Important Chapter of the Conscious Mind, Supra-conscious Minds are freed to pass beyond the School. Then their field widens immensely, and there is considerable scope for their individual progress. There are activities connected with their Conscious Minds. First they study the theme of their own Book, and eventually take a share in the construction of alterations and additions made necessary by the deviations of their own Conscious Minds. They also learn the themes of the other five Books of their Group, and watch the progress of them, in order to be willing and able to assist in the general progress and welding together of the Group into a Unit. Sometimes a Conscious Mind in a Group lags behind the others in progress. Then the Guardian Eternal Minds decide that one of the Group, probably the most forward, shall take on an extra life to help the laggard. In such a case the co­operation of the Supra-conscious Mind involved, would be necessary.

     Besides these activities concerned with Conscious Minds, when Supra-conscious Minds leave the School, they enter the six Planes of the Second Progression, for their own personal progress, taking a first year course in each, so that they may acquire at least an appreciation and understanding of all six. Then, having examined their own themes, they decide in which Planes they will continue to study in order to obtain a full degree in that Plane.

     When a degree has been attained in any of the six Planes, that Supra-conscious Mind is able to use the creative activity of the Plane in which it has been won. An Inspirational Supra-conscious Mind, whose Conscious Mind would be a woman on earth, will generally use this activity for direct creation, and the creative work of Inspirational Supra-conscious Minds forms another source in the Thought World. The source of these works exist in the Plane to which they belong, either in the Plane of Form, Colour or Music, Mathematics, the Direction of Matter or the Evolution of Mind, and not in the School. It is from the source of these works that men on earth draw inspiration for their creative work, and in this way the balance between the Sphere of the Heart and the Sphere of the Mind is maintained.

     It must be understood that the original creative works by Inspirational Supra-conscious Minds are not formed of the same elements as those which man uses on earth, although his creation is inspired from their work in this source. An example will, perhaps make this clearer.

     An Inspirational Supra-conscious Mind, having obtained her degree in the Plane of Music, created a work which exists in the source of that Plane. From this source J.S. Bach drew inspiration which resulted in the slow movement for his Concerto in D minor for two Violins. The work of that Supra-conscious Mind was her interpretation of the exchange of thought between her Guardian and Inspirational Eternal Minds, which Bach has caught and most beautifully translated in this movement. Vivaldi also drew inspiration from this work, which resulted in a slow movement for a Concerto. The difference in the two compositions represents the difference in the impact of the original creation on two separate personalities.

     Guardian Supra-conscious Minds under the Sphere of the Heart, whose Conscious Minds are men on earth, generally use the knowledge they acquire through study in the Planes for their work in the Outside.

     This work mainly consists in helping Conscious Minds that did not attain the School but, through deviations from their Patterns regained consciousness after death in the Outside. As these Supra-conscious Minds have gained their adult status, they are able to assist their own Conscious Minds if this occurs. In any Chapter, however far it is advanced in the Book, it is possible for a Conscious Mind, who deviated much in that Chapter, to regain Consciousness in the Outside after death. Such work of Guardian Supra-conscious Minds, again, holds the balance between the Sphere of the Heart, and the Sphere of the Mind.

     The following example is a very simple illustration of how such help can be given by an Inspirational Supra-conscious Mind, this time using the medium of colour:

  •      I was watching, in the Outside, a man who had allowed the making of a fortune to become the only real interest in the life which he had just lived. The making of money need not, of course, cause an individual to deviate badly from his Pattern, but in this life it had been the cause of his neglecting many of the opportunities that formed that Chapter. He had used his will to stifle any inclination or emotion that came between him and the amassing of his fortune. As I saw him there, he was creating for himself a host of financial problems and business risks. Yet watching him, I thought sometimes he appeared to be aware of a difference. Then I noticed an Inspirational Supra-conscious Mind endeavouring to pierce through his obsession; creating and trying to bring within the man's vision the colours of purple and gold; living colours, where the palest primrose to the deepest gold swirled in a pool of changing purple, which seemed no mean feat in such surroundings. I saw the man's attention caught, and at once this living colour resolved into a scene, which had formed part of this man's life, a wide moor, stretching from the edge of a cliff into the distance of rolling hills, hills purple with heather in bloom, and lit with the gold of gorse. His mind stilled as he went back into the memory of that scene, and I knew it had for him a special significance. So I was disappointed to see him return to his former obsession. Later I learnt that a valuable step had been gained, for the power of his obsession had been broken by that remembrance.
  • So, by the knowledge gained by Supra-conscious Minds in the Planes and by their use of this knowledge, either by direct creation or by creative work in the Outside, Supra-conscious Minds also progress along the Way of Service.

         Although the direct creation in the Second Progression, and the creative work in the First Progression, have their separate activities, these are co­related and in unison. Both Guardian and Inspirational Supra-conscious Minds, after leaving the School, move freely from one Plane to another, irrespective of the Way to which they themselves belong. Their work is also variable, and they follow it into whichever dimension it may lead, with the exception of the Darkness, although they come into contact with the Force of Evil whilst working in the Outside.

         Like their Eternal Minds, Guardian Supra-conscious Minds are concerned with matters under the Sphere of the Heart, and Inspirational Supra-conscious Minds with those under the Sphere of the Mind; they intermingle in work and pleasure and learn much from each other. Also among Supra-conscious Minds, the bond between Unity Guardian Supra-conscious Mind, and its Unity Inspirational Supra-conscious Mind is very strong. Although their Conscious Minds meet seldom on earth, usually only in their Important Chapters. In the Thought World Unity Supra-conscious Minds are much together in work and companionship, as their interests are complementary. In the Thought World procedure in operation is always regulated by Eternal Minds under the rule and direction of Azrael and Arrantees, but is carried out, whenever possible, by adult Supra-conscious Minds whose own growth is thus achieved.

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