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Chapter 6

A Broken Theme Or An Unfinished Book

The conditions, qualifications and limitations, which were laid down at the creation of the Thought World and the earth, and whose subsequent procedure in evolution caused our Eternal Minds to accept them as the Will, work in all their interlacing action towards a double purpose.

     First, is the acceptance by all three parts of the Split Personality of the truth that the Way of Service can be as equal and perfect a Way to the Light, as the Way of Truth, or the Way of Beauty; and equally, that the Eternal Minds of Service should accept the same fact concerning the Ways of Truth and of Beauty.

The second purpose is towards the development of individual personality through each part:

each in its own manner, gaining understanding of the Light. From the nature of their being, Eternal Minds must always lead in this understanding. Thus it follows that the Conscious Mind living as it does in the dimension in which the opposition to the Light is to be eliminated, and under the limitation of time, will need time in which to accept and assimilate by its own free-will, the understanding which its Eternal Mind has gained.

     Since the Intention of the Light is the voluntary development of perfect but individual personality, progress will not be uniform. There must be continuing advancement, although varying in degree, in the personalities of all Eternal Minds who are responding to the Will in the Thought World. In addition there is the original difference that is derived from their original Ways of Truth, Beauty or Service.

     This unevenness of acceptance and understanding must also occur among Supra-conscious Minds and Conscious Minds. But this natural inequality of progress is checked and partly regulated by two controls. The first is the fundamental condition of the Will, that no part of the Split Personality can progress far in the understanding of the Light by itself alone, but only through service to others as exemplified by the Life of Christ. This ruling condition has its framework within the theme of each individual's Book, the theme that was given by the Light. The second control is the restrictive action of the Group System, which binds six Eternal Minds of three different Ways with their Supra-conscious Minds and their Conscious Minds together. It is usually arranged that the periods in which the Conscious Minds of a Group have their Important Chapters, shall cover a considerable span in the History of Mankind. Therefore it is possible that, during one civilisation, the Unity Conscious Minds of one Way may be living one of their First Important Chapters, whilst another two may be living one of their Second Important Chapters, and the remaining pair one of their Third Important Chapters. Although it would be unusual for all six Minds of a Group to be living within the space of a lifetime, it could be so, and quite often three or four may be doing so, although widely separated in progress by time.

     This difference in progress is called the Set Difference. It is controlled by the period in time in which their Important Chapters will fall, and in this Set Difference the lead in time in some Groups goes to those on the Way of Truth, in others to those of Beauty, and also in yet other Groups to those on the Way of Service. The many lives between the three Important Chapters, wherein personal progress must dominate, might be compared to the years of study necessary for three examinations which, when taken, occupy hours only on each of three days.

     For these many Chapters in between, roughly for half of them the influential close relationships of Conscious Minds on earth will be between Special Contacts of their Group, thus promoting in that Group understanding of a Way other than their own. The relationship between Special Contacts is not always confined to that of husband and wife. Sometimes it is that of mother and son, or father and daughter, or perhaps that of a relationship which is not destined to be fulfilled by marriage, but for the personal progress of one or the other. In the remaining half of these Chapters, which are not Important Chapters, nor those in which Special Contacts meet, close relationships will be given to new contacts from some other Group, or to a previous contact from some other Group, to strengthen the bond previously formed. All relationships of interest and affection are a gain to the Conscious Mind, and just as it is bad for a family on earth to become too self­centred and to shut out the claims of others, so it would be a very great loss to a Group if its Conscious Minds were not able to establish fresh relationships with the Conscious Minds of other Groups.

     In the many Chapters falling between the three Important Chapters, there is another difference in progress. This is not like the Set Difference, but is caused by the individual inequality of development and understanding between the Conscious Minds of that Group in their earth lives. As this difference is not planned, it often becomes necessary for those in the Group who are advanced in progress, or ahead in time, to make a sacrifice of their own progress in order to help one in their Group who is lagging behind. This sacrifice generally takes the form of an extra life, to be lived for the specific purpose of helping the Conscious Mind who is lagging behind, and the new Chapter is set to achieve this purpose. But, should one lag so far behind that its Book can never be finished, it may be necessary for all the members of that Group, to take one or more extra lives in order to maintain the progress of that Group.

     That is one reason why the Important Chapters are strung out to cover so wide a span, to give time to allow for these alterations and additions to the original themes, without upsetting the general Pattern of the Return Journey. If, during the lives on earth, a Conscious Mind allows inertia to gain ascendancy over the power of exercising its free-will in the execution of its Pattern, it becomes increasingly difficult, in its existence after death, to bring that Conscious Mind to a state in which union with its Supra-conscious Mind is possible. Without this union it cannot, of course, start another Chapter on earth.

     Inertia is the greatest evil that can overcome a Conscious Mind, because it assails its communication with the Thought World. It is much more difficult for Eternal Minds to remain in touch with a Conscious Mind that is deliberately losing its desire to seek the Light, than with a Conscious Mind that deviates through self will, for such errors, in the latter case, can be dealt with in many ways. If the Conscious Mind will not respond to thought suggestion, it will generally answer to the effect of experience constructed to correct and overcome that self will, but inertia has the power to avoid experience.

     When this evil seriously threatens a Conscious Mind, a special life or Chapter is created, in which an experience is forced upon it, and this experience always includes a very definite opportunity of breaking the inertia. If during this special life, the opportunity is taken, it is usually the turning point in the Book of that Conscious Mind. But if it is refused, or opposed, that life results in an Unfinished Book.

     An example of such a failure is given in the life of Judas Iscariot, of whom Christ said: "It had been good for him if he had not been born." An example of the success of such an opportunity is given in the life of the penitent thief, of whom Christ said: "Today shalt thou be with Me in paradise." Without these sayings no examples could have been given, for only Azrael can judge in such matters.

     As one of these examples shows, the opportunity given may take only a minute in time, although the decision then taken would probably result from the way the rest of that life had been led. Nevertheless until death intervenes there is always the possibility of a change of mind, so that severance between a Conscious Mind and its Supra-conscious Mind never takes place on earth. If that special life has failed in its purpose, when death comes that Conscious Mind regains consciousness in the Outside, whence it must gravitate to the Darkness, since on earth it lost desire, and turned from its search for the Light. In the end it will join the Force of Evil.

     When this occurs, the Supra-conscious Mind will unite with the Guardian or Inspirational Eternal Mind from which it originated, taking with it any gleam of understanding which that Conscious Mind had gained from that life. Yet, since the Book is unfinished, such union cannot make the union of the Unity Eternal Minds possible. It was one of the conditions laid down at the creation, that no love or understanding, gained by a Conscious Mind during a life on earth, should be lost. Thus even in an Unfinished Book there will be previous gains, from the former lives, that have already been stored in the Supra-conscious Mind, and such gains are used as the foundation for a new Book.

     The theme of the new Book will be very simple, nevertheless these new themes can glow with as great a radiance as an original theme. Every Eternal Mind and Supra-conscious Mind of that Group will burn with desire to give all that is possible, at whatever cost to themselves, to help and forward this new child in their Group.

     It must be pointed out that the theme of any Unfinished Book cannot be developed far, as the theme develops mainly after the First Important Chapter is over; for the Conscious Mind of an Unfinished Book cannot have reached its First Important Chapter as this, when successfully passed, ensures the completion of its Book.

     When an Unfinished Book occurs, the original or lost theme becomes the responsibility of that Group. Part of it, in a simplified form, will be covered by the theme of the new Book, the rest being undertaken by other Conscious Minds in that Group, by means of extra lives designed to fulfil the original theme. Sometimes the necessary alterations caused by an Unfinished Book can be dealt with by what man calls luck or an act of God. Sometimes also, when the special Chapter is given to a failing Conscious Mind, another Conscious Mind, the best fitted in that Group, will be given a life at the same time so that, if failure occurs, it may step into the breach and fulfil the part the failing Conscious Mind should have played. This occurs only if that life of special opportunity is also made the First Important Chapter of the threatened Conscious Mind. Such a life was that of Saul of Tarsus, who fulfilled the purpose left undone by the failure of Judas Iscariot. In every case where an Unfinished Book is threatened, the Eternal Minds (Guardian and Inspirational) of that Conscious Mind will first regard the position, so as to give every possible chance to that Conscious Mind to fulfil the special life and break the inertia, even to the extreme of making it the First Important Chapter, secondly to fulfil the lost theme, if that Conscious Mind should fail.

     It seems fit to insert here an interpretation of a matter that troubled me early in the Teaching. I found no difficulty in accepting that the earth must in time reach a predestined end, but the idea of eternal suffering or loss, was utterly at variance with the meaning of the Life of Christ. Through Arrantees I received that which brought peace to my mind, but which may not bring understanding to others when put into words. I saw that a Conscious Mind which had joined the Force of Evil, after death, had done so because it preferred Darkness to Light. Yet the good that it had done lived on in the new Book. I saw also that the darkness of our night is the turning of the earth from the sun; yet when the dawn slowly breaks and the sun is risen, darkness is not destroyed, nor burned up; it just is not.

So when the Light is fully understood there will be no Darkness.

The Teaching Summary, Contents: The Channel Introduction, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Summary, Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Appendix, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Conclusion

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