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Chapter 7

The First Reflection

This Teaching has already shown that there must be a very close and complex relationship between progress in the Thought World and time on earth. During time on earth, in those ages when matter developed its atomic and molecular order, and achieved the marvellous and stable constellation of electrical units in the atom, Eternal Minds observed this process obeying the conditions of its creation as conceived by the Light. They themselves advanced from the state of mind that was willing to observe this evolution, to that of seeing and understanding its purpose. This advance in thought caused them to designate these conditions, qualifications and limitations governing evolution as the Will, and they themselves became eager in the execution of the Will towards further development.

     After this acceptance of the Will, there evolved a still greater wonder, that deeper and more subtle order, the co­operative harmony of the cell, from its first appearance, to its climax in man, but man the animal, not dissimilar from other life.

     During that period of time on earth, by watching the perfect co­operation of one part with another and of all parts of the whole, which is illustrated to perfection in the structure and function of the cell, the Way of Service was made understandable to the Eternal Minds of Truth and Beauty, and the Eternal Minds of Service were able to observe how in this evolution the Ways of Truth and Beauty were interlocked with the Way of Service. For the little, insignificant cell holds an example of harmonious co­operation, of mutual service and duty to all, such as is not yet attained in the higher evolution of mind. From this observation the Eternal Minds of Truth and Beauty were led to accept the Way of Service as being equal with their own Ways, in its approach to the Light. This change of thought made way for the greatest wonder of all, the coming of, or rather the development of Conscious Minds on earth. Both these stages in the advance of understanding of our Eternal Minds in the Thought World, had their reactions on earth in the shape of Reflections from those changes of thought. From the first change of thought, that of acceptance of the Will, came that point in time when man diverged from the rest of creation, through the development of his Conscious Mind. This most important period of transition is called the First Reflection. It was then that the third part of the Split Personality started its search for the Light by becoming aware of its Supra-conscious Mind, and of the use of the Supra-conscious Mind as a channel of communication. So began the Return Journey, or History of Mankind, when man himself started to work out the Will on earth. Whether this beginning of his Book is called a search for knowledge, for self­expression, for God, or by any other label, it became a search no longer for material needs, nor for the satisfaction of the senses alone, but for an idea. Every Conscious Mind that comes to earth now, has passed that stage.

     I was recently able to attain a faint remembrance of this point in time, as it affected me, the change in my own mind and as always from a personal remembrance, to gain a general truth.

     I was awakened one morning by the roar of an aeroplane passing overhead, and immediately knew that it was through the sense of hearing by sound, that I had attained this transition, the point in time when my Conscious Mind first stirred. I wondered if it was through a feeling of awe, aroused by thunder and the noise of a great storm, that had been the cause of this first excitation, or if it had been the appreciation of a gentler sound - of the wind in the trees, or of the sea meeting the shore. I now understand why any psychic experience I have ever had, has been one of hearing and not of sight. Later, I was reminded of two verses which were written in the earlier part of my training, when I was learning to express thought in words, at a time also when my Conscious Mind was uneasy at accepting this method of bringing back knowledge of the Thought World. They fit into place here. Both were called "Sound".

Why must I juggle with words
That sully the clear pool of thought
Distorting , evading the truth,
Bringing the vision to nought
But give me sound and I'll build
Up to the stars and beyond,
Each note a clear thought,
Each thought a step up,
Caught, held in a bond.
Perfect harmony then,
Bringing vision and sight,
Reaching down to the depths,
Circling up to the height
Till sound dies away into silence
And even music is still, and I myself, and alone,
Go up, up to the Will.

The softest sound is the sigh of the sea
When the tide is far out at the ebb,
At the quietest time when the sun's not yet
But the darkness of night­time has fled.
And a little cool breeze blows out of the East
Bringing with it a hint of the dawn,
And there's no other sound but the plash of the waves
And the plaint of the wind for the morn.

This remembrance led to the general realisation that all Conscious Minds must have made this step in some similar way; that is, through some arresting or appreciative experience conveyed by one of the senses.

     This was so because, like all the rest of evolution, the transition had to be a gradual process, and a transmission through an existing physical vehicle. So this first stirring would come through the sense of sight, hearing, feeling, smell or taste. It is not difficult to imagine an experience through the first four that could lift a Conscious Mind above animal level, but it seemed to me more difficult to understand that this might happen through the sense of taste. Yet I felt it to be unlikely that one sense would be isolated without this possibility. Then I saw that a drink of cold water that alleviated fever or thirst, or something eaten that relieved pain, could easily be the foundation of such an experience. Such simple incidents would be the first impetus in the mind of man, his initial response to the First Reflection.

     From the perception and acceptance of our Eternal Minds, that the Way of Service is as equal a Way to the Light as the Ways of Truth, and Beauty, came the period on earth which began the Second Reflection when Azrael lived His Master Pattern as Jesus, and Arrantees lived as the Virgin Mary. For when Azrael and Arrantees accepted an existence similar to that of the Eternal Minds of Truth, Beauty and Service, that existence included, necessarily, the same Split of the Personality into three parts:

The inestimable value of this Second Reflection on earth lies in the fact that the Light, through Their Personalities, is made understandable and available to man. The birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary was the seal of this acceptance by our Eternal Minds of the Way of Service, when the Conscious Minds of Azrael and Arrantees lived Their Lives on earth. But since They are of the Light, the theme and progress of Their Books could be completed in one single life or Chapter.

     The process of evolution still continues, and our Eternal Minds are observing the effects of the First and Second Reflections on earth. It is reasonable, therefore, to conclude that this will cause fresh thought, or new understanding, gained from that observation and its attendant work, which will bring another, a Third Reflection, to earth. There is a gap which indicates this need; for however distant it may be, a goal for the pursuit of Truth was revealed by the First Reflection, when it started the Conscious Mind searching for the Light. However difficult it may be to follow, the Master Pattern was set by the Life of Christ and the Way of Service was shown. There remains the goal, or rather the source of Beauty.

     What is it?        The artists and those who create are aware of another form of communication with the Thought World which is utterly unlike scientific reason or religious faith. The approach of the artist is through his imagination, and it is in this direction that we may look for a further Reflection.

     First it is necessary to realise that the changes of attitude of mind twice achieved by our Eternal Minds, were implicit from the beginning, in the creation of earth and the Thought World, but these changes and their consequent Reflections had no fixed point in time. That is to say they did not begin when earth reached a certain year or cease at another. They were dependent upon progress; for neither in the Thought World, nor upon earth, is the Will imposed. All Eternal Minds develop understanding according to the capacity of their personality, nor are there any hindrances or limitations imposed; each advances according to his or her understanding. Nevertheless there is a self­imposed control. For any Eternal Minds, however far they have advanced in knowledge, who have understood the Way of Service as revealed by the Life of Christ, could not contemplate a union that would free them, but leave the others of their Group without the help that they could give. Nor could one Group pass on indifferent to the fate of earth's battlefield. Although the power of Azrael and Arrantees to unite and pass into the Third Progression as one Personality, may have been won by some Eternal Minds, the qualification necessary for the division that enables them to return to the First and Second Progressions is not available to them, until the Third Reflection has come on earth.

     Again, although there is no limitation or hindrance to the progress of a Conscious Mind, except that which its own free­will imposes, it must not be forgotten that earth is subject to the limitations of time and cannot avoid time's finality. This is born out by the present attitude of science towards organic descent, which sees it now as a forward movement, while the operation of radio activity in matter, appears as a backward movement. For matter is old in this time series, and organic descent young by comparison, not having reached the point in time when it will really be a descent whilst in comparison with the first two, Mind is still in its infancy. Matter appears to have nearly completed the race, from the conditions of nebula and solar heat, through the elements from the simplest to the most complex forms, until at last protoplasm was reached from which life could be launched. This work done, it is now regressing from the complex to the simpler types of elements, its adventure ended and its aim conservation. Although organic descent may still be a forward movement, is there not a hint of this tendency in that the most highly evolved and differentiated types, hark back for stability to the simpler and stronger types, so that we may see ahead a point in time, when its spiral of adventure too will abate, and its aim become safety rather than progress. If this be so, we must also look ahead, far distant though it may be, for the same to apply to the progress of Mind on earth. It too will have a limitation within the great space­time curve, and a point when the opportunities now available, will be lost. Even now one point in its time has passed, for already there is no individual who has not begun his Book, or is not aware of his Supra-conscious Mind, however little developed that recognition may be. There also looms ahead a point in time when the opportunity to live the First Important Chapter, that life, which when finished successfully, ensures the completion of the Book, will pass too. So for the Conscious Mind there is a serious responsibility towards progress in time and time is a very real limitation, for if the Conscious Mind has been given time in which to progress, that time is not unlimited.

     We have seen that during evolution a point in time was reached, when, with the development of protoplasm and the conditions which produced it, chemical structure reached its apex, and life was launched. There was yet another point in time, when physical structure also gained its peak in the production of the higher animals and man; thereafter Mind could emerge. But, with the coming of the Conscious Mind, a new direction was given to life. In a sense one cycle was completed and a new cycle started, when the third part of the Split Personality, voluntarily conforming with the Will, reached earth. Up to this point in time the changes in thought achieved not in time, but through progress by our Eternal Minds, were implicit in the creation of earth. Now although the physical world is still governed by the Will, the form of its evolution has become progressively creative.

     With this second change, the acceptance of the Way of Service, evolution on earth was freed from its past. The Will remains its natural law, but the Intention is the light of its future. For the Intention is Progressive Creative Personality, which must include individual freedom, as was proved by the very creation of the Thought World and the earth. On earth this dual purpose now permeates all things,

Man, in the present disorganisation and anarchy of his attempt at social existence under mental control, is far behind the examples of simple automatic control such as we find in the social organisation of some insects, or for example, in the infinity of cells and cell structure, all working in unified co­operation for the maintenance of a tree. But we must remember that Conscious Minds, in general have not yet reached an adult stage. They have still to learn to be master, for they are indeed, personality, the Master to be. Conscious Mind is the supreme organ on earth, which controls all other structures. Mind which is now free consciously to seek to know itself, in that search will learn to know itself to be a part of the eternal whole.

The Teaching Summary, Contents: The Channel Introduction, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Summary, Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Appendix, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Conclusion

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