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Die Lehre   La Ense�anza

The following writings are the summary of the records of a research group which spanned nearly 30 years. This involved the investigation of the continuance of personality after death and the awareness of another dimension from which we came and to which we return.

The Teaching is the result of research that contains new knowledge about the purpose of the existence of mankind and earth. It is a document which, through the Spiritual World, aims to prepare mankind for the new Revelation from the LIGHT. It is not a religion, or a belief, but, rightly understood, it provides a solvent whereby all religions and faiths could be unified; that is its purpose.

It explains:

This knowledge has been gained from the Spirit World between the years 1932 to 1960. Kathleen Long see short biography, was the channel, chosen by the LIGHT, to bring this further knowledge to humanity. She had been helped by different groups of people who assisted and supported her during that time. Kathleen Long was not a medium in the traditional sense. She was able to enter the Spirit World where she communicated with her own other­side self. Kathleen and her other­side self were in contact with various divine beings from a higher source.

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