Names mentioned in the Teaching and its Records

Name of Ruler and Director of the Thoughtworld

on Earth
Name of
Conscious Mind
Name of
Supraconscious Mind
Name of
Eternal Mind

Way of

Jesus Christ Jesus   Azrael Service
Virgin Mary Mary   Arrantees Service

Name of Members in the Group to which Kathleen Long belongs

on Earth
Name in Circle Name of
Supraconscious Mind
Name of
Eternal Mind

Way of

Kathleen Long Kath, the Child the Child, Kophra Azvard Truth
Rear Admiral
Richard Washbourn
Doctor's son,  website 1, website 2website 3, website 4
The Man that Sees Zoph Sanchuniathon Truth
Doctor Henry Everley Arthur  Washbourn He and Him, He or Him, Hail, H.E.A.W, the Doctor


Sidney Laing Washbourn - Sinclair
Doctor's wife
The Mother     Service
June Beatrice Medwin
Washbourn -
Richard's wife
The Brushwood Girl     Beauty
Unknown       Beauty


Real Names and Circle Names of People

Kathleen Long's Family


Dr. Everly Wshbourn's Family

Name on Earth Circle Name Name on Earth Circle Name
Pam Cameron
Kath's daughter
Little Heart   Motherkin
Betty Mc Cubbin
Kath's daughter
She Who Brings Laughter   The Boy
Guy Mc Cubbin
Kath's Son in Law,  Betty's husband
The Dark Boy   The Infant
Eva Mc Cubbin
Guy Mc Cubbin's mother
The Wind   Peter Pan
Jenny King
Betty and Guy Mc Cubbin's daughter
Kath's granddaughter
The Flower Sydney Parker
Doctor's and Mother's daughter
Shiny Eyes
Michael Mc Cubbin
Betty and Guy Mc Cubbin's son
Kath's grandson
The Green Bud ?? Washbourn
Doctor's second wife
The Fourth 
    Enga Goulter - Washbourn
Doctor's and Mother's daughter,  website
Author Book "Courage and Camp Ovens"
    Pete Washbourn
Doctor's brother, died before Circle started
(Kath got to know him on the Other-Side)

Friends and Affiliates


Other–Side Minds, Earth Names and Names the Circle Gave Them

  The Recorder   Apostle Paul Paul (Saul)
  The Littlest   Monk, Friend of St Francisco's Ramon
  The Brush      
  The Link