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By 'The Man That Sees'(1)


I have split my contribution to this Teaching into three parts.

Introduction, Part 1

The Circle

In the early 1930's a small group of friends, who were interested in psychic matters, decided to form a private Circle to try to develop mediumship in one or other of their members. They thought it prudent to have a doctor in their Circle and invited my father to join them. That was the start of it all.

     Kath, who was one of the group, volunteered to be the first to try to see if she had psychic powers.

     I was never a member of this first Circle. I was away from home at the time and did not return until some eighteen months or more after the start. Throughout the whole history of this work, my trade has allowed me very little time at home, a few months, all told, in twenty five years, so that my own attendances have been few and very far between. Nevertheless I have had a small part to play in the work, and have been kept most fully in touch with all that went on in my absences, chiefly by my father, the Doctor (2), and Kath, and by others of the Circle who wrote from time to time. Most of what follows therefore is second hand, and much of it from my memory of the many and excellent letters that my father wrote to me.

     Our relationship was, I think, unusually close for father and son. We had many similar tastes, and a generally similar outlook on life, a questing mind. Moreover he treated me as an equal. During the latter part of my school days he had become very interested in psychic research. He had read all available literature on the subject, and had come to the conclusion that there was something here of great interest, and great personal importance, which was unfortunately hindered and shrouded by strong and unreasonable prejudice. He did not discuss it with me at the time, but he permitted me to read all the books that he had read. I find it a little surprising now, at this distance of time, that I read with interest the proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research, Myers: Survival of Human Personality, James: Varieties of Religious Experience, Stainton Moses, H.D. Bradley and many others on the same tack. I took them all in my stride and they, to some extent, prepared the ground for what was to follow.

     After I had left home in 1927, my father arranged and attended sittings by professional mediums, who provided various phenomena including materialisations and direct voice. He told me of these in his letters, and it was clear that he was satisfied as to the genuineness of the phenomena which he witnessed for the most part. There were one or two occasions upon which fraud was suspected, but these were not of sufficient note to cast doubt on the whole series of manifestations. He felt that he had established, to his own satisfaction, that personality in some form survived bodily death, and that communication with the dead was possible under certain limited conditions. He was an intelligent and erudite man with an inquiring mind, and he wanted more than this.

The First Circle

This was the state of affairs when my father accepted the invitation to join this private Circle. He had gathered something of the possibilities of investigation, in private Circles, from a book published at about that time, entitled The Psychic Adventures of a Business Man, and was very interested to make a similar attempt. Kath was already a friend, and all the other members were well known to him.

     The Circle met once a week on Friday nights. They sat in a darkened room, and played gramophone records while Kath tried to let herself go. She achieved a state of trance fairly quickly. There was at first some jerking movements of the limbs, but she soon settled down to a quiet and immobile trance state.

The trance state was perfectly apparent physically. I am not sufficiently experienced to know if it was typical. As the Doctor described it to me, her temperature, pulse rate, and respiration dropped to an almost alarming extent; there was abnormal rigidity of the arms which were extended in front of her, and her hands were extended palms upwards, almost in an attitude of supplication. Later we learnt to watch the attitude of the arms and hands as the indication of Kath being away.

     Once she had achieved a restful trance state, Kath began to speak. The Circle quickly realised that it was, in fact Kath, herself speaking, and not some control. She was not addressing the Circle, but was conversing with others in a different dimension. It was not possible to hear what was being said to her, but the Circle could glean something of what passed, in the same way one does when listening to one side of a telephone conversation. It was different from a telephone conversation in this respect however; Kath was in the presence of those with whom she was talking. She had gone away to the other-side and was, temporarily, in the Thought World, outside the material limitations of time and space as we know them.

     Before long it became clear to the Doctor that she was in contact with a small group of advanced beings of a high degree of intelligence. They appeared to be teaching and training her with some purpose in view which was not yet clear.

     One exercise, for example, was a picture which she was shown and had to translate into words. She would say:  "I will try. Hold it so Sanchuniathon." and would then speak. From time to time, Kath would call for her pencil when she came back, and would write in a handwriting distinct from her normal hand. These were usually brief instructions to the Circle, and were signed either Kophra, Azvard or Sanchuniathon (3). It was Sanchuniathon whom she normally addressed on the other-side.

The Second Circle

After a year or so this first Circle broke up. Those who had been chiefly responsible for forming it, and some of their friends, came to the conclusion that they were travelling in a direction in which they did not want to go. Probably they had had hopes of developing a more orthodox form of mediumship, and of establishing communication with the recent dead, and when it became apparent that this was not the goal of Kath's training, they lost interest. The Doctor, and one or two of the others had the opposite viewpoint. A link had been established with beings of a very high order, probably beyond anything of which there was published record. They were unlikely to be interested in us and taking this trouble with us unless they had a high purpose. It was not clear what this purpose was; he (the Doctor) had sufficient respect for them, and faith in them, to carry on and see where they were leading.

     So the Doctor took over the remnants of the Circle, and carried on with the weekly sittings as before. He was profoundly interested in the whys and wherefores of the universe, and I think he realised that the Circle was approaching a new source of knowledge. At the same time he kept both feet very firmly on the ground. He was utterly without psychic powers of any sort and, partly for this reason, provided a very essential anchor on this-side for Kath.

     Membership of this Circle grew slowly to a dozen or more within our own groups of families and friends, including a large proportion of the younger members. It was shortly after the second Circle formed, also, that I returned home for the first time since leaving school and had my first opportunity to attend a sitting, which I most willingly did. I had been well prepared by my father's letters and knew what to expect. I had not known Kath before, but found that we got on well, and that she was glad to have me there when she went away.

     I had been given my Circle name before I arrived, in this wise. Kath had found the Doctor sometimes lacking in understanding, and especially dealt ungently with her during her very sensitive period immediately after her return from the other-side. She was warned on the other-side of my impending arrival, and that I would join the Circle. She protested at this. She did not want to have another man in the Circle. They said: "But this man is different. This is a man that sees." So I became 'the Man that Sees'. I make no claim to have lived up to it.

The Sittings

Sittings were held as regularly as possible, once a week. Kath was not permitted to attempt to go away unless the Doctor was present and this rule was not relaxed for many years and then only in my favour. He, or I, was necessary, either to ensure her safety, or to bring her back. We sat in a darkened room, in easy chairs. If there was firelight we kept the light off Kath's face, so that it did not disturb her, and there was always a shaded lamp to give the record keeper sufficient light to see to write by. Kath always sat next to the Doctor or, if I was present, between my father and myself.

     The Circle was always opened by a short prayer. The usual one was: "Father of all, we pray for this our Circle; bless those that are here and those that are absent from us. Help us to feel in our hearts what we know in our minds, that love is Thy one and only law; so that our love for Thee and each other may grow deeper and stronger. Keep and guard us from all assaults of evil and grant us strength to overcome them. Bless and keep in Thy care all those near and dear to us wherever they may be and grant that they keep their Patterns and so draw nearer Thee. Father we Thy groping children pray for light that we may see and follow our Patterns along the Way of Azrael and with the help of Arrantees, so that at last we and those we love may find the peace that passeth man's understanding and rest in it always."

     Then Kath's going away music was played on the gramophone. Her most usual was the andante movement from Bach's Double Concerto for two Violins. Others sometimes used were the Es ist vollbracht from the St. John's Passion of Bach, parts of the Bruch Violin Concerto, or a part of a Vivaldi Concerto. Kath closed her eyes and lay back, well wrapped up in a quilt, because whatever the temperature of the room she grew very cold. We watched her, in the subdued light, until the position of her hands and arms, outstretched palms upwards, told us that she was away, then stopped the music. This usually took two record sides, and sometimes we suspected her of waiting for her favourite passages before taking her leave of us.

     We would wait in silence, sometimes for as much as twenty minutes, before she spoke. The atmosphere was such that this wait was unexpectedly not tedious. Usually then she would greet Sanchuniathon, and there would be the one­sided telephone conversation. This was often of interest. We learnt, as time went on, to guess with some accuracy the subjects under discussion. We did not hear all that she said, but just those parts that were suited for us, to keep our interest from flagging, and to give us the opportunity to question her on points which they wished to be recalled to her conscious memory on her return.

     After the one­sided telephone stage there would often be a pause followed by a short address. This would start: "I am Azvard and I come to tell you....." and would end: "May the peace that passeth man's understanding rest with you always."

     Azvard's manner and speech were always clearly recognisable. The voice was soft and even, and much less inflected than Kath's. There was no faltering and seeking for words. She spoke beautifully, clearly, and incisively, making herself perfectly clear with a minimum of words.

  • Sometimes it was no more than an instruction on the conduct of the Circle,
  • something we had to ask Kath about on her return,
  • something which we had to be careful not to remind Kath about on her return,
  • some advice about something we had not done that we ought have done.

More often it was a short fragment of teaching, or the answer to a question which one of us may have put into the mind of Kath.

     Then after a pause, Kath would call "Azrael" and would return to us slowly and unwillingly. This was always a bad time for her. She hated coming back because, although she had little memory of where she had been, she had the impression of it with her, and it was much to be preferred to our material pig­sty.

     We believed then, and for many years to follow, that Azvard and Kophra, who were the only two entities who came to us through Kath, were separate entities, and that we were experiencing the well attested phenomenon of trance control of voice and ordinary automatic writing. We have since learnt that there is one most important difference, in which Kath has broken new ground and is at present unique. She has never been controlled in any way by any outside entity; Azvard and Kophra are of the same entity and that entity are two parts of the threefold personality of which Kath is, if one may put it that way, the representative in this material world of ours. Azvard is that part which we have been taught to call the Eternal-Mind of Kath, and Kath is that part of the trio which the Teaching calls the Conscious-Mind.

     Later we learnt to recognise the third element of Kath's threefold personality, the Supra-conscious Mind named Kophra or the Child, which is the intermediary between the Eternal Mind and the Conscious Mind. We found that this which we called the Child, was available to us for a little while at the end of trance after she (Kath) had called on Azrael, and had sat forward in her chair, and before Kath came back to us. There was no mistaking the different personalities of Kath and the Child. We learnt to know the Child well, and grew very fond of her. Incidentally the name, which was given on the other-side, did not refer to any juvenile characteristics as far as we were concerned.

     In the Circle our attitude towards Azvard and Sanchuniathon was one of deep respect but, I think it is true to say, they did not inspire affection. They seemed remote from us, and we often had the feeling that they had little appreciation of our worldly limitations and difficulties. We listened respectfully; we discussed the Teaching; we tried to carry out their instructions, and follow out their advice. We had no direct conversation with them; if we had questions to ask, we gave them to Kath, and asked her to try and take them with her when next she went away. Questions were encouraged, as stimulating the process by which the Teaching came, but we were frequently told that a question could not be answered as it was outside the present scope of the Teaching.

     I do not want to give the impression that we feared or disliked those who were directing this work on the other-side. It was just that they were far enough above and beyond our stage of progress, that our feelings towards them were of deference and veneration rather than liking.

     The Child was altogether different. When she came through we sat round and chatted happily with her, as if a well-liked friend had dropped in. She was charming and amusing and quick­witted. She was so much closer to us that she was almost one of us, although her horizon of experience and consciousness was immeasurably wider than ours. We grew very fond of her and looked forward to her coming. During the occasional periods when for some reason she was not permitted to come through, we all felt her absence. She never initiated any part of the Teaching herself, and she never gave direct advice or instructions, but she served a most important purpose in explaining points of difficulty to us, and elaborating material which we had had from the others, to make it clearer to our limited understanding. She had to be very careful not to exceed her brief. The laws under which Kath was working to obtain the knowledge of the Teaching, and bring it back to us, were firm and immutable, and the Child had to guard against giving us any information that had not been previously gained by Kath's Conscious Mind.

     I must slightly qualify the statement above that we had no direct conversation with the others, Azvard and Sanchuniathon. At a much later stage there were two occasions when I was permitted an interview with Azvard, with no one else present. This was an interesting and chastening experience.

     The Circle was closed with a prayer when Kath was safely back with us and discussion had ended for the evening. The prayer we used was: "Father of all send into our hearts and into the hearts of all men everywhere, the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ."


Azrael is one of the Jewish Archangels, the Angel of Death. When Kath went away in the early days of the Circle, we heard her speak of, and address, someone she called Azrael. Normally she would greet and talk with Sanchuniathon when she first went away, and would then ask: "May I go up now, Sanchuniathon?" If permission was given we would hear her speak to Azrael, and it was clear from her manner of address, that she was with someone whom she reverenced and adored. We had no thought as to the possible identity of Azrael. Kath said once: "Azrael is not just the Angel of Death, but of the Life beyond Death." Then the Doctor put the question to her: "Where does Christ stand in this Thought World we are beginning to learn about?" Kath took this question to the other-side and asked it of Azrael. Azrael asked: "Who wants to know?" Kath replied: "He does," and no answer was given.

     Later she put the question once again to Azrael. This time in answer to Azrael's same question she replied: "He does,... and I do too."

     Again no answer was given but, this time as she looked at Azrael, understanding dawned, and she knew that Christ and Azrael, the Ruler of the Thought World, were one.

     Having sought, and found, that knowledge of her own accord, she had gained an essential step forward in her progress. But she no longer went up and met Him on the other-side, but had to seek Him in the hearts of men.


Sanchuniathon was the first name to be given to any of Kath's contacts on the other-side. He was clearly from the first her guide and instructor. She had a great affection for him. The early scraps of the Teaching were understood to be a message from Sanchuniathon.

     The Circle at first referred irreverently to him as 'Sanatogen', and it was not until the name was written that someone looked it up in an encyclopaedia, and found there was an ancient Phoenician of that name, whose name has come down to us only through a quotation in a work of a Latin author. The Sanchuniathon we know is in fact an Eternal Mind who has not lived on earth. We have learnt that the Conscious Mind of this Eternal Mind did live a life as a Phoenician of this name. Whether he was the Sanchuniathon whose fragmentary writing has survived we do not know. We have never asked, because such questions are irrelevant to the work, and are not encouraged.

     We learnt also that Kophra was the name of the Phoenician girl who lived one of the lives of Kath's Conscious Mind. This life was especially important to both, and it was probably for that reason that we knew the Eternal Mind of the Phoenician as Sanchuniathon, and the Supra-conscious Mind of the girl as Kophra, from the first.


Azvard is the name of a girl or woman of ancient times who, like Kophra, lived one of the lives of Kath's Conscious Mind. We know little or nothing about this life. The name was chosen as a convenient label for Kath's Eternal Mind.

The Course Of The Teaching

I have referred to the Teaching many times above. It was clear to some of us of the Circle from the early days, that the object of those unknowns who had taken us in hand, was to form a channel for the communication of knowledge. We had no idea what form it would take, nor at that time, of the means and method.

     The process was slow; the Teaching came through piecemeal and spread over a period of many years. Nothing was given. Every piece of knowledge had to be sought by Kath, remembered, and brought back to us. We were not the passive receivers of a new philosophy of life, speaking, that is, of the Circle as a whole. Of course the major burden fell on Kath, and the remainder of the Circle only served to support and assist her. When she had no questions of her own, she took ours, and was shown where and how to find the answers. When she had learnt the answers, then they could be given to us, usually through Azvard. The Doctor, with his intense interest and deeply enquiring mind, was undoubtedly the main stimulant in the search, and his long discussions with Kath and with the Circle in general, did much to keep us on the road of progress.

     It is probably fair to say that we were searching blindfold, and each part of the Teaching, as it was found and brought to us by Kath, was an individual item and not apparently connected to the whole. There could therefore be no logical and tidy scheme of presentation. We received a litter of small disconnected pieces, without relation to each other, and it was of fascinating interest as time went on, and our store of small individual pieces of knowledge swelled, to find how one after the other fitted together like the pieces of a jig­saw puzzle to make a recognisable and clear picture.

Words And Names

One of the greatest difficulties Kath has had to face is the translation of the knowledge she has acquired through her Art of Remembrance, into words. There are no words for matters which are outside our human experience. Why should there be? We have no need to talk about states, conditions, dimensions and entities, of which we have no experience and which are, in effect, unimaginable. This, the burden of words, is one of the heaviest that Kath has had to carry and one that she has hated most. The picture that she has had to paint, with the unsuitable medium of words, has seemed to her an unworthy parody or caricature of the thought that she wished to express. She said this when she protested:

"Why must I juggle with words
That sully the clear pool of thought
Distorting, evading the truth,
Bringing the vision to naught----"

This inherent difficulty can be tackled in two ways, either by the concoction of new words, or by the choice and use of the nearest equivalent existing word, or combinations of existing words. Kath has chosen the latter path which has many advantages. It does, however, carry the unavoidable drawback that the familiar word, or combination of words, has an unaccustomed meaning. It is something of a new language which has to be learnt, and that takes time and patience. Moreover a word which suits and appeals to one person may have just the opposite effect on the next, and may prove a serious stumbling block in the way of his or her understanding.

     Names are another possible stumbling block when reading of the work of our Circle. It was noticeable from the first that Kath never under any circumstances used the normal name of any one of us when referring to us when she was away, and they, in speech and writing, always employed these Circle names. They are a sort of nickname, chosen by Kath when away, which usually recalled some essential quality or characteristic, or was related to some incident with which the victim was concerned. We had 'the Mother', 'the Wind', 'the Link', 'the Boy', 'the Brush', 'the Recorder', 'Peter Pan', 'the Brushwood Girl', 'She Who Brings Laughter' and so on.

     My belief is that there were two reasons for this naming. She was referring to a different aspect of ourselves from the normal one which bears our name. And, probably, if one is using thought as a means of communication rather than words, then it is easier to use a quality or an incident as a label for a person, than to have to transmit the meaningless sounds which constitute our names.

The Thought World

Kath gave the name the Thought World to all that dimension, or series of dimensions, which we know to exist independently of the material universe. In the Teaching she has endeavoured to describe its divisions, and its plan, and purpose.

     It is idle to attempt to picture the conditions in the Thought World. Here on earth we are living a material life clothed in a material body, and all matter is subject to the limitations of time and space. It is not possible for us with our earth minds to conjure up a picture of an existence without time, space, and matter, as we know it. It is not worth trying. Also there is no answer to the question: "Where is it?" A point in the Thought World cannot be positioned by axes of reference from a point in our own universe, because the two cannot use the same frames of reference. Sometimes I find it comforting to remember, when thinking on these affairs, how unsubstantial this matter of ours is in fact, though it seems solid enough to our senses and experience. As a schoolboy I remember hearing Lord Rutherford lecture on the atomic theory, and say that if a single atom could be magnified to the size of the theatre in which he was lecturing, we would see somewhere in the centre a small object the size of a marble and there would be an indeterminate number of flies buzzing in circular orbits about where the walls were. That was all the solid matter in the atom. The rest was open space occupied only by electromagnetic fields. This emptiness of matter is demonstrated by the distance which the small particles of matter which we call cosmic rays can penetrate, by the behaviour of X­rays, and by the penetration of the various products of nuclear fission when we explode an atom bomb.

     It is perhaps illogical, but I find it easier to admit the probable coexistence of a world or worlds of another form, or dimension, when I recall how little room we take up, in fact, with our variety of material.

Past Lives

There was one attractive aspect of our dealings with them which we would have liked to be carried much further. This was the infrequent glimpse which we were permitted of our past lives, and especially of incidents in our past lives in which we of the Circle had encountered each other on earth. This was occasionally turned on as a sort of play time, to keep the children amused, and it served its purpose well, especially with the younger members of the Circle. It was always the Child who was allowed to tell us of these incidents, which of course had to be within the cognisance of Kath. Usually, also, the incidents were used to illustrate some point, or to explain something, for instance some strong attraction or repulsion which was felt by one of us, which had no known source in this life.

     We were curious to learn of the normal interval between lives, if there was such a thing, but we had no answer to this at any time. It was outside the scope of the Teaching. It seems likely that there is no normal interval, but there must be a rough average which would be of interest. Similarly the average number of lives, or Chapters, in all our Books would be an interesting piece of information, which we have not received. In the few fragments we have of Books, we have an example of about three thousand years between Important Chapters and another example of perhaps four thousand years. There are three Important Chapters in each of our Books, so we may deduce from this that the span of a Book in time is a long one. How many lives fall in between Important Chapters, in those few thousand years, we cannot guess. Nor is it, I suppose, important. It is idle curiosity, but I would be very interested to know, roughly, how often and at what intervals we returned for another earth life. This must of course be a factor of the number of inhabitants on earth and the expectation of life at all times.

The Age Of Conscious Minds

We have been told that the age of mankind now is about seven years. That is to say, if one takes the whole intended progress of mankind to be as the lifetime of one man, then we have at present reached the stage of progress which would be equivalent to the progress of a seven year old child.

     Of course this must not be interpreted to mean that this planet's remaining life is ten times the number of years since it was first born out of the parent sun. It does not even mean that man will continue on earth for another ten times the number of years that have been passed since the ape­animal became the ape­man. It just means that we have now reached a stage of progress which in comparison with our final state is as a seven year old child compared with a mature man.

     There is a finite number of Eternal Minds who are involved in this corner of creation, and so the number of Conscious Minds who have to make their progress on the planet earth is finite and unchanging. All have now started their Books of Lives. They did not all start at the same time, and all have not made the same rate of progress since starting. We have therefore all ages of Conscious Minds on earth now, from those who have just started their Book of lives, and are in the early Chapters, to those who are now about to finish their Books. We were told that only one had completed his Book before Jesus was born on earth, and that he had to await the Life of Jesus before proceeding to the next stage of existence.

     I like to think of old and young Conscious Minds, although it is an age of progress and not of years. It is not even entirely an age of the number of lives which have already been lived, although this factor must clearly bear a close relationship to progress in the great majority of instances.

     It is interesting to attempt to place people of one's acquaintance according to the age of their Conscious Minds. We have not been told (4) what qualities and characteristics to look for in the older Conscious Minds. None of the family traits, the inherited qualities, can be a sign of the age of a Conscious Mind. It seems to me that intelligence and intellect are probably inherited and wisdom and understanding are brought with the Conscious Mind, and are the traits of an older Conscious Mind. I think the older Conscious Mind must bring with it to earth a tolerance, serenity and maturity of outlook which will show through, however simple and poor the inherited bodily qualities are.

     There need be no direct relation between position on the scale of civilisation and the age of the Conscious Mind. A very old Conscious Mind may live a life as a primitive savage. But it seems probable to me that the older Conscious Minds will have learnt most of the lessons which a life at this level can teach, and a return to a primitive life will be less common the older one gets and such lives will be for the influence that they may exert on others more than for personal progress. As a corollary to this supposition the advanced races and the older civilisations are likely to have a higher proportion of old Conscious Minds. We have been told that the distribution is fairly even amongst the civilised races, but the proportion of old was higher in the Chinese (5) race than in some others, and the proportion of young was similarly higher in the German race at that time.

The Further History Of The Circle

A history of the work of our Circle over the years, with all the vicissitudes and the incidents that this sort of work involves, would fill a large tome. Records are extant and are preserved which cover almost every sitting that was held, some of which may sometime see the light of day in publication (6).

     I was able to attend on a few occasions during 1934-1935 and again occasionally between 1939-1942 and between 1947-1950. There were several considerable breaks in the continuity at other times and for a variety of reasons but from 1933 until the Doctor's death in 1947 there were no marked changes, either in the proceedings, in the composition of the Circle itself, apart from a natural increase, or in the nature of the work. After the Doctor's death there followed a fairly lengthy break, but we were able to start up again and to carry on until my departure in the middle of 1950. Kath then started on the writing of the Summary and all sittings ceased.

     Throughout we have shunned publicity, for I suppose obvious reasons. There is so much blind emotional prejudice against any psychic activities, that many otherwise sensible and well­balanced persons condemn anything which comes within this category as either fraudulent, evil, or dangerous and liable to lead to insanity. If our work and beliefs had become common knowledge we would probably have been adjudged insane, or pitied as credulous fools. So we have gone quietly on, on our own ways. Close friends and members of our families have come within the orbit and, if interested, have joined the Circle. It has been noticeable and to my mind remarkable, that the great majority of those who have shown interest have accepted the phenomena without question, and have eagerly grasped the main tenets of the Teaching as if it fulfilled a very real need.


(1) 'The Man that Sees' is a Circle name for one of the Circle members.     Back to text.

(2)'The Doctor' is a Circle name for one of the Circle members.     Back to text.

(3) For explanation of these names see diagram 4.     Back to text.

(4) Further information on this subject came later. Indications about characteristics of older Conscious Minds have been given in the Teaching. They are published in the chronological records and history of the channelling sessions. ISBN 0-9583519-3-7     Back to text.

(5) Probably Tibet is meant instead of China; according to a statement made during the sitting of 08/11/1942.     Back to text.

(6) These records (ISBN 0-9583519-3-7) are available and can be downloaded, go to title page (The Teaching).     Back to text.

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