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Introduction, Part 2

The Teaching

I would like to make an attempt to express the most important tenets of the Teaching in my own words, and as I understand and interpret it. This is not in competition with, or in amplification of the Summary, which would be presumptuous.

     The Summary starts with the fundamentals, and builds up an ordered and logical system. I propose to start with the individual and work outwards from it.


Perhaps the most important tenet of the Teaching, the truth which affects each one of us most personally, is that this is not our only life on earth. We have, all of us, been here many times before and we shall, most of us, come back again many times yet.

     The purpose of our series of lives on earth is twofold: we come to learn and progress, and we come to make our personal contribution to the progress of mankind.

These two purposes, our progress and our contribution, are interwoven and both are planned. Our individual contributions to the progress of mankind have been planned from the beginning and form the Theme of the Book of which each Chapter is one life on earth. Similarly each life or Chapter is planned to provide the experiences, the contacts, the lessons and the opportunities for each necessary step in our personal progress, and to prepare us for the life when we shall make our planned personal contribution to mankind.

     Before each return to earth we are shown the Pattern of the life which is planned for us. This is our life as it should be lived, the life which will provide the greatest progress in the desired direction, if all opportunities are taken and correctly used. We each of us freely accept this Pattern, with a full knowledge of all it may entail, and the gains and progress it may bring us. Then memory is taken from us and we come to earth to accept the limitations of time and matter, clothed in the heredity of our parents and moulded by our surroundings.

     Here on earth we are under the condition of free-will. At every step of the journey of our life we can make our own choice of which path to follow, the path that has been set for us, or some other that looks easier, or more attractive, or more interesting. We don't find our path well signposted, but we have a guide which we call conscience, or the Voice of God, who is not very assertive with most of us. If we are honest with ourselves though, I believe that we know when we have made a deviation. The difficulty is rather to have the will to make the effort to get back to the right path.

     At the end of each life there is no Heaven or Hell or Purgatory awaiting us through all Eternity, and no rest in the peace of the grave until the last trump sounds. At death we discard the material body, which has clothed us in the material world, and return to the Thought World where we continue to live and learn for a while, until we are ready for the next step. This step is what we call in the Teaching the Judgementpicture . We are then shown side by side, the life we have just lived as we led it and the same life as it could and should have been led, had we followed our Pattern. The judgement is by each one of us upon himself. The pain and remorse of the knowledge of missed opportunities, and the hurts and hindrances imposed upon others is the punishment, and the incentive to return and try again.

     Life and progress continue in the Thought World after the Judgement Picture until the time is ripe for another life, and the conditions are suited for the next Pattern, or Chapter, which will as far as possible be planned to give the opportunity to recover the ground which was not gained in the last.

     This broad explanation of life is to me the only one which is reasonable and intellectually acceptable, the only one which suits the assumption of an ordered universe and a just Deity. It gives each one of us many lives, and many opportunities to experience all the variety which life can present. We can be rich and poor, powerful and humble, healthy and sickly, successful and unsuccessful. We can be born into all races of mankind, with their different qualities, backgrounds, and outlooks, and at their different stages of progress. We can have short lives and long lives, married and unmarried, religious and secular, good heredity and bad heredity, and all the possible variations of the innumerable factors which can give us enjoyment or suffering on earth, and the full variety of experience and understanding of others.

     Of course this is no new doctrine. Reincarnation of one sort or another has been widely held by many religions, although it is not a normal part of the Christian faith. This part of our Teaching is, I think, close to the Buddhist faith, but at variance in that the Buddhists believe in reincarnation in an animal body, and that we are reborn at the moment of death. We are taught that we always return to a human body of the same sex (7), and that the time and circumstances of our return are carefully chosen.

The Threefold Personality

We are a Threefold Personality. Each part of us has a separate and independent existence, learning and progressing in the Thought World and on earth, until a stage of progress has been reached when the three may unite to form one personality.

     We have learnt to call these three selves, the Conscious Mind, the Supra-conscious Mind and the Eternal Mind.

When the Conscious Mind has completed its Book of lives, when it has lived its last life on earth, then it unites with its Supra-conscious Mind for the last time, and the Supra-conscious Mind is then ready to unite with the Eternal Spirit, bringing with it all the gains and progress which its Conscious Mind has made during the many earth lives.

     A further union can then occur. Every Eternal Spirit belongs to the Masculine Principle or the Feminine Principle. The first is a Guardian Eternal Spirit and its Conscious Mind is a man on earth. The second is an Inspirational Eternal Spirit and its Conscious Mind is a woman on earth. Every Guardian Eternal Spirit has an Inspirational Eternal Spirit who is his Unity. These two Eternal Spirits or Unities are closely linked at all times, and when the Supra-conscious Minds of both of them have united with them, then the Unities themselves are ready to unite, to form one complete and whole personality, combining the knowledge, progress, and experience of the six original entities, the two Conscious Minds who have been man and woman on earth, their two Supra-conscious Minds and the Guardian and Inspirational Eternal Minds.

     There is one further relationship which ends in union. Every Eternal Mind belongs to one of the three Ways to the Light, the Ways of Truth, Beauty and Service. Unities must always belong to the same Way. In this relationship, which we call the Group, there are three pairs of Unities, one pair on each Way. So we have in each Group the Guardian Eternal Spirits, and the Inspirational Eternal Spirits of Truth, Beauty and Service, with their Supra-conscious Minds and Conscious Minds. The themes of the Books of the members of each Group are interwoven, and the Conscious Minds of the six meet constantly, in a variety of human relationships on earth, helping each other, and learning of each other the Ways which are not their own. Ultimately, when each of the three pairs of Unities of the Group have united, then the way is open for the three beings so formed, of Truth, Beauty and Service, to unite into one personality, with the sum of all that has been learnt and gained by the original eighteen entities, the male and female, Guardian and Inspirational, on each of the three Ways.

     This is the ultimate aim of our progress as far as our Teaching takes us.

     The Group can be envisaged as shown in  diagram 3.

The Three Ways

The Light is Absolute Truth, Absolute Beauty and Absolute Goodness (Service is the expression of Goodness). If therefore one follows Truth, it leads towards the Absolute of Truth, which is the Light which is God. The Path of Truth, Beauty and Service are therefore the Paths to the Light.

     Each Eternal Spirit belongs to one of these three Ways. That is to say, there is one Way which is his own, his natural Way to God.

     We understand from our Teaching that each Eternal Spirit was, before the creation of earth and the Thought World, content with his own Way and believed it to be superior to the other two Ways, of which it knew little. Especially the Eternal Spirits of Truth and Beauty could not concede that the Way of Service might be the equal of their own. It was the Will that this should be set to rights by providing the opportunity for each Eternal Spirit to learn of the two Ways other than his own. This was one of the purposes of the creation.

     The other two parts of the threefold Personality belong to the same Way as their Eternal Spirit. Each one of us on earth has therefore his own Way, his natural Way. If we set aside all the divergent factors and characteristics of our heredity, and the effects of our environment, we will still find much in common with those who share the same Way, and fundamental differences from those who are on one of the other two Ways. Much of our time on earth is spent in living lives designed to teach us of the other two Ways, the two which are not naturally ours. These are the lives designed for our own progress. When we come here to make our personal contribution to the History of Mankind, then our life must lie along the Way which is our own. Also the contribution must, of course, belong to our own Way. Those on the Way of Truth will add to the knowledge of mankind; those on the Way of Beauty will contribute to art in one or other form; and those on the Way of Service will live a life of service to humanity, in some form which will have its effect outside the small circle of their earth contacts.

     I find it of interest to look around me and to try to decide for myself the Ways of those whom I know well. It is not always easy because so very often their own Way is subordinate to the Way along which their present Pattern of life lies. One finds the natural Way expressed rather in the character and the tastes and hobbies, than in the employment.

     For myself I am Truth on Service. My Eternal Spirit is on the Way of Truth, but the main purpose of this present life of mine seems to be to gain experience of a life of service to others. My interests and inclinations lie rather in the things of the mind, in the sciences, in experiments, researches and discoveries. These are the sort of things that come easily to me. I am unsociable by nature. I am content to be alone, and I take little pleasure in the company of others. Taking pleasure in the company of others are more the traits of those on Service, and I have yet to learn them. I have little natural appreciation of Beauty, except perhaps the natural Beauty of the countryside and of flowers. Poetry and pictures have little meaning for me, though I have acquired a little liking for music. I have a long way to go along the Path of Beauty yet.

     It is perhaps misleading to give the impression that in every Pattern there is one Way to which the Pattern is tuned and a natural Way which wrongly keeps trying to break through and lead one astray off the Pattern, whilst the third Way is left out of the picture. All Patterns have a little of all three Ways in them; but usually there is one preponderant Way around which the Pattern has been mainly set. Progress along that Way is intended to provide the major progress of that life.

     When the time comes for me to make a personal contribution to the History of Mankind, in what the Teaching calls an Important Chapter, then the Pattern of that life will be set in the Way of Truth.

     We are taught that we will have three such Important Chapters in our Book. Those who are on the Way of Truth will probably make some contribution to our knowledge of the universe; those on the Way of Beauty may make an advance in one of the many forms of expression of Beauty, in music or painting or dancing; while those on the Way of Service will make their contribution in the form of an important life of service to mankind. The Life of Jesus of Nazareth was the Master Pattern of the Way of Service.

     This does not mean, of course, that every Important Chapter is recorded in the history books. Far from it. The contributions can be great and vital without acknowledgement from history. Equally a life that is taught to every school child may not be an Important Chapter. Fame can be built upon the contribution of others unknown.

The Three Revelations

In the Teaching we are told of the three Reflections, rather than Revelations, for a good and sufficient reason. Nevertheless I want to talk about them as Revelations, because that is the meaning in common usage which I want to convey, and I do not want to enter into the reasons for the use of the word Reflections here.

     Curiously enough this is one little piece of the Teaching which I had to some extent foreseen. I had decided for myself, at an early stage of my existence, that there must be three Revelations of God to man, one for each of the Trinity. I decided that the primitive religions of mankind were the dawn of the Revelation of God the Father, which culminated in the Jewish advance from polytheism to monotheism. Then, when the time was ripe, the man Jesus lived His short Life on earth, to set the Master Pattern of a Life as it could, and should, be lived and to found the Christian religion. This was the Second Revelation of God the Son. There remains the Revelation of the Holy Ghost. I decided that this was still to come. It seemed to me, and still does seem to me, that our knowledge of this third Member of the Trinity was based upon a very slender foundation. I came to the conclusion that the growing accumulation of evidence of a survival of personality after death, and of a continuation of life in some other dimension, was the first glimmerings of the dawn of the Third Revelation.

     I can remember arguing all this hotly with a school friend of much more orthodox leanings.

     It is, however, a fairly accurate foreknowledge of our Teaching. I had gone astray in one direction however. I had not visualised the need for a Person of the Third Revelation. I thought of the Holy Ghost of the church as that aspect of the Deity represented by the throngs of Spirits who interpreted and implemented the Will of God, perhaps the Angels of the primitive church, but without wings, haloes and night­gowns. My Third Revelation was to be a limited knowledge of these, and means of communication with them. I was wise enough to see that a limit must be set.

     Undoubtedly the most difficult pill that I had to swallow as the Teaching filtered through was the statement that Mary, the Woman who bore the Child Jesus, is the Holy Ghost of the church.

     That is putting it at its very crudest. Now I must try to express my further understanding of our Teaching in this matter.

     The Teaching calls God the Father, the Light. The meaning is the same and, personally I think it is to be preferred as the anthropomorphic temptation is avoided; one cannot picture the Light as a bearded old man sitting on a cumulo­nimbus. The Light is unimaginable, the Absolute of Goodness, Beauty and Truth; infinite, impersonal and beyond conception. The Light is the goal of all our journeying. I don't know what happens when we reach that goal, and it is early to be worrying about that.

     There emanates from the Light, the Will and the Intention. The Will is the ordinance under which creation is regulated; and the Intention is the Plan and Purpose which the Light holds for creation.

     Then the Teaching provides two personal finite beings, Eternal Spirits, but Eternal Spirits who are of the Light. They have access to the Light. They can unite as They go to the Light, and divide again as They come back from the Light.

  • One of these is a Guardian Spirit of the Masculine Principle and is called in our Teaching, Azrael. He is the Ruler of the Earth and the Thoughtworld.
  • The other is an Inspirational Spirit, whom we call Arrantees. She is the Director of the Earth and the Thoughtworld. As an Inspirational Spirit, belonging to the Feminine Principle, the Conscious Mind living on earth, would of necessity, be a woman.

The Conscious Mind of Azrael came to earth and lived some thirty years as Jesus of Nazareth. In so doing He gave us the Second Reflection, or Revelation and set us the Master Pattern for life on earth. He achieved all, in His one Earth Pattern, and will not live on earth again as a man.

     The Conscious Mind of Arrantees also came to earth at about this time and lived as a woman, the Mother of Jesus. We know little about Her. It was not the time for Her Revelation, nor was it to come in the same way as Azrael's Second Revelation. She also achieved all in Her one Life and will not come again, as Her Revelation does not require the presence of Her Conscious Mind amongst us. We understand that Her Revelation, or Reflection, will be a gradual one, a slow dawn which will illuminate for those who are ready to perceive, the source of Inspiration. We believe that the Teaching we have received is one of the first rays of that dawn.

  • The First Reflection, or Revelation, of one God, was a Reflection of the Way of Truth.
  • The Second Reflection, the Master Pattern of Goodness set by Jesus of Nazareth, was the Reflection of the Way of Service.
  • The Third Reflection will be of the Way of Beauty.


(7) At a later stage of the Teaching it has been revealed that there are possibilities of being reincarnated into either sex. See: 'The Two Roads' in the Appendix.     Back to text.

(8) All parts existed from the beginning but not in split form. Eternal Spirits existed in the beginning as a whole entity. They were not split into three parts before the start of the earth cycle. See diagram 3.     Back to text.


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