The Teaching: Summary, Contents Autobiography, Contents Diagrams

By Kathleen Long

05/04/1890 ­ 24/10/1962

Why was I born? I think that any accurate biography would answer that question for any individual.

All autobiographies must be a collection of memories. The memories I have chosen are those I feel have had the greatest share in answering that question. As far back as I can remember I have felt that there was an object in my life, something I was living for and although mostly unconscious of it, whatever mental changes took place, this conviction persisted. I do not know when I began to feel it was connected with my writing. When I was about nine I was given an exercise book and decided to use it for writing stories. I went off to the beach with it to write a tale about the sea but soon found myself stuck; nothing came that seemed right. Then occurred what is still the clearest cut memory of this incident. I knew that it was too soon to write, that I had not lived long enough, did not know enough. This overcame my feeling of frustration. I put it away and just accepted that as a fact.

There was a second occasion when I was married and living in Portuguese East Africa. A friend who was writing his first novel spoke to me about his work. He was emphatic about the ease and interest of writing and persuaded me to try. I sketched a plot and went as far as writing the first chapter which he favourably criticised. I cannot remember now why I didn't go on, probably because about that time I began to teach my children, a task I liked but which kept me busy every morning until we left Africa.

It was not until I was thirty­eight and we were settled in New Zealand that my special experiences began. These continued for over twenty years before I wrote 'The Summary', which was an attempt to collect in reasonable form the gist of those experiences. Nothing could have been less like the novel I had imagined I should write. It took me two years to complete and when it was finished, I was asked to write this personal account.

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The Teaching: Summary, Contents Autobiography, Contents Diagrams

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